How to change the oil filter in a car

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Changing an oil filter is not an easy job and requires a lot of effort and time. Various steps are involved which need to be followed properly, if you want to replace the oil filter successfully. If the procedure is not followed properly then consequences can be very damaging and you may end up damaging your oil filter or the neighboring parts.

Some ways are mentioned below by following them it would be easier for you to change the oil filter:

1. First locate the device which is to be removed. Mostly it is located near the pan of engine oil.

2. Then you need to remove the filter. Use the wrench to remove it and move it in the anti clockwise direction.

3. For your safety it is recommended to wear gloves and eye safety glasses in case if any mishap occurs you would remain safe.

4. After taking out the filter allow all the oil to drain out on the pan that you have placed below.

5. Now you need to clean the filter seal once the filter is out. Clean it properly so that your efforts are not wasted.

6. Before fitting the new oil filter put an oil layer on the gasket so that it can easily fit in to its place.

7. Avoid using wrench to screw it; instead you can use your hands to screw it and avoid over tightening this may cause damage to your rubber gasket.

8. After this now you need to dislodge the plug ad, use wrench for this purpose. You need to have a wrench that has boxed end, to fit different size of the plugs so that they are not damaged and maintain their original size. Socket wrench can also be used in its place.

9. Now check the sealing washer for any damages. If there is, then you need to change it immediately.

10. Add motor oil once you have taken out all the oil in fill port. It is located just around the valve cover. If you are unable to find it then look for the signs it is mostly marked as a valve cover.

11. Use the funnel to pour in the oil if it is not easy to pour the oil because of its position.

12. 4 quartz of the oil should be added in engine and then place the cap.

13. Now start the engine of the car for about 1 – 2 minutes and then switch off the engine. It will take around 2 minutes for all of the oil to get distribute evenly in engine.

14. Do not exceed the limit that is mentioned in the manual. Then check the level of fuel by using the dipstick.

15. The shade of the oil indicates the engine’s status. If the shade is light this indicates that the engine is in good condition but if the color is dark then the engine needs service.

16. The oil filter needs to be changed regularly because if the filter is not clean then it may lead to accumulation of the carbon in the engine and the engine may not perform well if carbon accumulates.

Follow these simple ways to change the oil filter properly. Best of Luck!


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