Shift pt1

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Part 1..Enjoy^_^
Elizabeth Cunning, 16 1/2 years old.
Location: Unknown
And so it begins
8:30 pm
Shes an outcast. Everyone views her as a complete failure..”She’s weird, she’s not human”, they all say. She tries not to pay attention to any of them but she can’t not hear their harsh words…She figures she just has to deal with it. But she says to herself “Why and I so different? Is it because I wear black all the time. A black shirt, with a black skirt and black combat boots.. isnt is funny that my hair and eyes are brown though?” She thinks hard to herself in her pitch black room..wondering “Will I always be an outcast?……Will I always be alone?” She crys, her black tears.
3 knocks on her door
.”Sob, Sob, Sob“
…”Elizabeth, dear..are you crying?”
Her mother tries to reach out to her
Padding footsteps walking away from her bedroom door
None can reach out to her..No one
Why you may ask, because everyone HATES her, she thinks
But it’s not a matter of hate but a lack of confidence..If she stood of for herself more often then she wouldn’t be crying right now. But she it wouldn’t change the fact that no one would even come near her..
Its a pity, isn’t it
tomorrows is Wednesday
” I hate school“
You dont hate just hate the people in it. The ones who taunt you from 8 to 3.
But the only thing your really looking forward to is Halloween
Not something to be celebrating but you can get some free candy..
And dance with the dead
And so the countdown starts
10 days left
7:30 am
“Good Morning“
…Mother..Father..Younger brother and sister
Dressed in…….
Pink and white
“So are we the brady family this morning?” she says with a chuckle
“Yeah with one weird ass girl who dresses in black..Freak!”
Comments from her 13 year brother pierce her heart like daggers
“Ronald!!” Her father screams
“That was awfully rude” Her mother joins in
She has no response.. because its true
shes a freak, but she not a freak she’s just…
while everyone else is the same when compared to each other
“Im leaving now“
“But you just came downstairs sweety, what about breakfast?” mother says
“Don’t need it, besides Im not wanted here“
She dashes through the door
She cant take it anymore
She runs to the park 3 blocks away from her house
No one is in site
She crys and crys
In this park, filled with so many memoirs
Of the happy days with her family
These memoirs made not too long ago
6:00 pm
Still in the park
Cried all day and skip school
Called mom to say she would be home late…..Club activites….Ha
Its already dark, soon to be pitch black in a few hours
When she doesn’t realize it untill its right there in her face
A man’s voice says
“Are you alright?”
She lets out a scream and falls off the bench.
A hand grabs and picks her up,
She pushes him away to see a shocked look on his face
She blushes
He’s extremely handsome
Tall, fair skin, baby face, He has green eyes,
just looking at his face she could tell his skin was soft..
He had a sort of College Cut hairstyle,
Another thing she noticed about him,
He’s wearing all black,
He seem rebellious, dangerous
But she hugged the fear growing inside of her
It made her…
want him
She stared at his beautiful green eyes
He seem like one of those cats you see in an ally way
She giggle to herself
“What so funny“
She’d almost forgotten. There was a complete but handsome stranger in front of her
^_^ stay tune for part 2


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