South Carolina’s Tax Free Weekend 2009 is upcoming: August 7-9

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Like a host of other states, and neighboring North Carolina and Georgia, South Carolina will be hosting a sales tax free weekend August 7-9.  South Carolina residents who do not have all they need for back-to-school shopping finished should plan to shop the weekend of August 7-9 to cash in on sales tax savings.  What’s eligible during South Carolina’s tax free weekend 2009?  Take a look, you may be surprised.

South Carolina tax free weekend 2009 basics

During the sales tax holiday period, South Carolina’s 6% sales tax will be suspended on a host of back-to-school items.  The typical back-to-school things such as clothing, pencils, and glue are covered under the eligibility requirements.  However, things such as bath mats, sheets, and comforters are also included.  The inclusion of these items is sure to help stretch the budget of incoming and returning college students.

So long as the purchased item is for personal and non-business use, is not put on layaway or is not a rented item, it should be sales tax free during South Carolina’s tax free weekend.

Some interesting inclusions are:  adult diapers, baby diapers (both disposable and cloth), baby clothing, wedding attire (no rentals), baby bedding, including bumper pads, and much more.  While the tax free holiday in South Carolina may be geared toward students returning to school, it is also a prime time to shop for or stock up on baby essentials, or even time to purchase Halloween costumes or wedding apparel.  I highly recommend printing the list to ensure no surprises at the register in the case of purchasing a non-qualifying item.

South Carolinians in need of a computer

For those in need of a new computer, consider driving across the border into North Carolina.  Both North Carolina and Georgia have sales tax free weekends that coincide with South Carolina’s sales tax holiday.  Both states offer no sales tax on a computer.  Georgia’s limit for eligible computer purchases runs up to $1,500 while North Carolina is less stingy with a $3,500 limit.  For the best selection, shop early.


Eligible/non-eligible list:


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