How to be safe on motorcycle

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Man for his own convenience has come up with various alternatives. They invented vehicle to travel more quickly and in less time. We can say that the invention of vehicle has reduced the distance between people. They can travel anywhere around the world in less time. Motorcycle was also invented for this purpose. It is easy to ride and can pass between two cars easily. One cannot stick in traffic if they are riding the motorbike. It also a cost efficient way to travel as it consume less fuel and covers more distance. But, like every other thing in the world, it also has some drawbacks. The main drawback is that the rider is not well protected. It is more risky to ride on a motorcycle than on a car.

Some advices to ensure your safety while riding a motorcycle are as follows:

1-Dress code: A proper dress code when riding a motorbike helps in ensuring your protection. First you should have a good quality helmet. Helmet protects you skull from injury in case of any mishap. Lots of people ignore helmet when driving a motorcycle. People who wear helmets are less affected in accidents than those who do not. You also need to have a fine pair of gloves that helps in firm grip. Shoes should also be of good quality as footwork while riding is very important. Prefer buying Harley Davidson boots because they protect your feet and allow easy movement of feet. Also wear a jacket that is water proof.

2-Before riding on the motorcycle you should first check it that whether everything is functioning properly. Do not ignore monitoring your bike if you need to travel far. Many mishaps and time delays can be avoided this way.

3-Don’t try to ride at night times. This is because at night the rider is unable to see properly and this may result in accidents. If it is important to travel at night then make sure that the headlights are working properly. Do not over speed and drive it at the speed which you can handle.

4-Drive very carefully on slippery roads because the chances of accidents are higher and little mistake can lead to great consequences.

5-Do not over speed and drive the bike carefully. Don’t move if the light is red. Stay calm while riding and avoid races with other riders.

You cannot ignore the risks that are present on the road. Driving carefully is the key of safety and you can avoid lots of mishaps. Make sure that you wore proper dress. Do not wear anything that makes you uncomfortable while driving. Do not ignore weather. Wear rain coat if it’s raining. In winter season wear jacket and sweaters that keep you warm. Do not forget wearing helmet whenever you are riding on a bike.

Do not ignore your safety when you are riding because you may lose your life because of little mistake. Keep yourself calm while driving. Do not over speed and maintain a speed that you are comfortable with. Riding big bikes is more difficult than the ordinary one so you need to be very careful. By following these advices you will enjoy more and can minimize the risks. So follow them and enjoy your ride!


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