How to avoid speeding tickets

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Getting your driver’s license for most of the people, means that you are now officially allowed to get your car on the road. This boosts you to be on the road for longer period of time and may encourage you in driving at higher speed than usual. Sometimes this may lead you in getting speed ticket. One way to avoid this is to strictly abide by the traffic laws. Some of the ways to avoid this are as follows:

Before getting on the road:

– Your car can be your image reflector. Maintain the good look of your car. This reflects your responsible personality. The police men often choose car that is not maintained well. The one with broken lights, windows, etc reflects that the driver has previously been involved in breaking traffic rules in the past. So they will definitely issue ticket to these cars. Off course it is not possible to make it look new always but you can at least try to keep it in as new as possible.

– Maintain the lights of the car. The most cost efficient item among all the car items are your car’s lights. So keep them in good condition.  Repair them when needed. For checking your lights it is better to check them at night. Avoid using tapes and other items to fix the broken cover of the lights. A broken light may result in causing you a ticket. Instead you can save this money and invest in repairing your car’s lights.

– Keep your car neat and clean; avoid storing garbage in your car. Once you reach home throw the garbage out. Wash your car and use vacuum to clean the floor of the car. Police officers are often intimidated with a dirty car. This leaves a bad impression on them.

– Avoid pasting bumper sticker.

While on road:

– Try to follow what others in the traffic are doing. Do not drive fast in the traffic when all others are driving slowly. You will catch attention in this way and it may result in a ticket.

– Do not change your lane too often. The first lane or the left one is for those who are in hurry and drive fast. Hence is named as fast track. Keep in right lane if you need to drive moderately.

– Watch carefully what lies ahead. You need to be very alert while driving and should respond according to the cars that are moving in front of you. Apply breaks when the cars ahead are applying breaks. This will save you from accidents as well.

– Adjust mirrors before starting to drive the car. This will help you in keeping the eye on the cars coming from behind. If you want to change the lane, it will also help you in guessing the best time to move in the other lane.

– Watch out for the trucks when driving. Adjust your drive according to the movements of the trucks. This will prevent any mishap from happening and will also help you in avoiding the tickets.

It is hoped that all these tips would help you to avoid speeding tickets. Good Luck!


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