Tennessee’s Tax Free weekend/Sales Tax Holiday 2009 set for August 7-9

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Tennessee’s tax free weekend will run Friday, August 7 through Sunday, August 9 this year.  Tennessee’s sales tax holiday is a great opportunity to grab those back-to-school essentials like clothing and school supplies a bit cheaper.  It also the perfect time to buy a computer if you are in the market for one.

Tennesee tax free weekend/sales tax holiday clothing exemption basics

Like a lot of states, the limit per item of clothing is set at $100 or less.  This gives parents a lot of leeway when it comes to basic clothing purchases, but will put some things out of reach by making them ineligible.  In order to be tax free, the clothing must be for personal, not business use.  Shirts, jeans, dresses, hosiery, etc. are all tax exempt the weekend of August 7-9.  Shoes are also included in the clothing lists.

Certain school supplies also exempt during Tennessee’s tax free weekend

Grab your child’s teacher’s back-to-school wish list and head to the stores during the tax free weekend to avoid paying tax on essentials like notebooks, pencils, pens and rulers.  These items and more are sales tax exempt during the sales tax holiday weekend so long as they retail for $100 or less.  While you likely won’t spend $100 on glue, there is one higher ticket item on the list – a calculator.  Now may be the perfect time to grab that rather expensive graphing calculator for your high school math student or college freshman.  Graphing calculators typically cost between $75-$100 and up.

Tax Free Weekend great time to buy a computer

A computer is a huge expense for many families, particularly since college students need one and many do not live at home where they can use the family computer.  Tax free weekend means a sales tax holiday on a computer so long as it retails for $1,500 or less.  So long as the desktop computer or laptop computer costs $1,500 or less, it will be exempt.  Anyone can cash in on this tax free weekend perk; you do not need to be a student to qualify.  Computer peripherals and storage media are not included.






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