How to avoid scams at an automotive repair shop

Getting your car repaired is a risky task and you can be over charged for the service that you haven’t consumed or weren’t required. It is not a wise decision to leave your car with the mechanic for repairing. You should get your car repaired in front of you otherwise they may fool you and charge you an extra amount of money. They often fool you by making a list of services that your car has consumed when those services weren’t even required. Either they show a false list or they just add those extra tasks to increase the bill. Why should one pay extra?

Some advices to keep you alert and avoid paying extra are as follows:

Replacement of parts: Get all the details about the replacement of the parts if mechanic says that it needs to be changed. Don’t just trust on what mechanic said and take the part to the other mechanic to get his opinion as well. If he also confirmed that the part needs to be replaced then ask your mechanic to return the old part. This way you will be confirmed that the part is replaced and new part is in function. They sometimes fool you by placing the older part and charge the amount equivalent to the new part.

Illegal work: When you take your car to the mechanic ask him to list down the changes that are needed and also their estimates. Do not allow your mechanic to change this list unless it is really required. Estimate your budget and it is advisable to have some amount extra so that you have the payment if needed. When the mechanic is done with the repairing, inspect your car and check whether he had repaired or replaced all the parts listed. This is one way to keep your budget with in the limit.

Valuables: Check your car before handing it to the mechanic. Do not leave your valuables in the car.  They can steal your valuables so be careful!

Offering discounts: Be aware of the mechanics who offer much discounted rate. They may not provide quality services and this may lead to greater damage to your car. These services are mostly offered to attract you. The low prices will allow you to various more repairs that you have been avoiding due to high prices. It is better to recheck the additional repairs whether they are needed or not. Avoid those repairs that your car don’t need and can perform well without these repairs as well.

Diagnosis:Sometimes the mechanic may be unable to diagnose the problem. There may be some symptoms that may give you an idea that its time to get your car checked. Ask the mechanic about the problem that what needs to be done. But for your own satisfaction, do ask him about the symptoms that would appear if that problem occurs. If the symptoms match then go for what he is suggesting. But always take a second opinion.

These were some ways by which you can avoid scams at an automotive repair shop. Good Luck!

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