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“What should I get as my wedding favors?”  Surely this thought has come to your mind while you’re planning your wedding!   Probably more than several times!

Perhaps you’re running on a tight schedule—for whatever reason; it always seems like there’s not enough time—and have already mailed out wedding invitations and/or announcements and maybe even have sent other wedding cards like those for the bridal shower, but, in all of your haste, either forgot or postponed picking out wedding favors, let alone ordering some.

Not to worry.  Although it is best to order your wedding favors along with the wedding invitations and other cards, so as to ensure availability from stock, in most cases, wedding favors can be obtained from back order in plenty of time to arrive in time for the reception.

So what motif or style should you get?  Well, consider a few things.  If you have a theme, then naturally you’ll want to order wedding favors that “echo” that theme.  If we’re talking about a destination wedding, then what kind of image will best reflect that destination?  

Even if the ceremony won’t be in an “exotic” location, but  in an “ordinary” venue, there’s no reason not to order wedding favors that are in keeping with the bride and groom’s [combined]personality.  It’s best to keep these things in mind and browse selections that are available.  And if, for some reason, you’re still stumped on the “perfect” wedding favors, you can order some lovely wedding favor boxes or another captivating container and worry about what to put inside once you’ve received them!  

The important thing to remember, here, when coming up with “perfect” wedding favors, is they aren’t as pressing, time-wise, as wedding invitation timing, and wedding favors don’t require mailing and addressing!  But…you want to have something…just to be prepared!

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