How to change a flat tire of car – DIY

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Flat tires have always been a problem. Most of the time they happen when they are not expected to be like getting late for work, had to go somewhere urgently etc. They irritate a lot when you don’t know how to change the tire and there is no one around who can help you to change the tire.  Also at night when it’s dark and it is not easy to see things.  But it’s not that much difficult as it seems to be.  By following these easy steps you can become an expert in changing tires:

1. First of all you need to check that you are not in the middle of road. Park your car aside so that the traffic is not disturbed and you can easily change the tire.

2. After parking your car at a safe place now you should turn on your emergency indicators. By this the passing by cars will get to know that there is some trouble with your car and it’s not empty.

3. Turn off the engine once you have parked your car.

4. Look for any solid object around which you can place in front and behind the tires so that the car does not moves. Also make sure that you have pulled the hand brakes properly.

5. Now take out the spare tire, wrench and the jack for changing the flat tire.

6. To avoid trouble because of the hub cap, it is better to remove it first.

7. Now loose the nuts of the tire but don’t take them out.

8. Now is the time to place the jack and pull up the car. The instructions are usually given in the manuals you can follow the simple instructions. They mostly tell where to place the jack. Raise the vehicle a bit higher so that you have enough space to change the tire easily.

9. Take out the nuts now and keep them at a safe place so that they are not misplaced.

10. Next step is to take out the flatten tire from studs.

11. After taking out the flatten tire now fix the spare tire on the studs.

12. Now you can put the removed nuts back and screw them tightly so that they do not fall.

13. The tire is now fixed. Lower down the jack slowly and remove it.

14. Put the hubcap back if you previously removed it.

Here you go the tire is fixed and you are ready to continue your journey. It may seems difficult to change the tire but now you would have got the idea that how simple it is to change the tire. If you think that you would forget the steps then it is better to write them down and keep them in the car so that the instructions are always there to help you out. Try out these simple steps when you need to change the tire. Best of Luck!


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