Runescape Mining Guide: Mining Clay, up to 200k per hour in non members!

Clay mining is one of the most underrated ways of makingmoney in free to play. If you take a look at the price of clay, you will see that it is around 150 each, which is only 50 gold coins less than coal. Also, clay is a lot easier to mine than coal; if your mining is at least 41 and you are using a rune pickaxe, you will usually get the clay ore in one hit, whereas with coal, you would need several swings to obtain the ore.

A good place to mine clay is the southwest Varrock mine, which contains clay ore, iron ore, and a few others. This is a good place because it is not far from a bank, and there isn’t a lot of competition.

So what do you need for mining clay? Well, you need to be using the best pickaxe for your level, and that’s all. Be sure not to wear or bring anything else as this will slow you down, thus making your run energy decrease a lot faster. It is also suggested that you can wield your pickaxe in order to save one inventory space, but this is optional.

After you’ve mined and banked a good amount of clay ores, you can either choose to sell them right away, or turn them into soft clay. All you need is to use either a jug of water or bucket of water on it in order to turn it soft. Soft clay is worth more than normal clay, so do this if you wish to maximize your profit.

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