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The sports cars have always attracted people ever since their invention. No matter what ever company is manufacturing the sports car it will make its place in the mind of the people if it offers great value. When we say sports car the first thing that comes in our mind is the attractive shape, small size, great speed etc.

One of the car that was able to make its place in the mind of the people was the Audi TT that was manufactured by a renowned German car manufacturing company Audi. This car can contain two passengers at a time. It was manufactured in 1994. Its design was developed and approved in California where the design center of Audi Company is located.

It gathered huge appreciation from the audience who came to see this concept car at the auto show of Frankfurt in1995. This gave the company courage to starts its production. The most interesting fact to know about the car is that the company didn’t have to bring many changes in the original design and the concept of this car. This is not common with concept cars, which makes it different from other concept cars and became a reason for its success. Two best generations of this car ever produced are mentioned above:

First generation:

The first generation of the TT was introduced in the year 1998 followed by the two seater in 1999. It became very successful in capturing the market. The engine of this generation had following features:

*1.8l turbo 14

*3.2l Vr6

*Transmission configuration, available in automatic or five speed manual and also in six speed automatic or DSG

Both these versions were analyzed because of the increasing rate of accidents caused by this car in Europe. It was also publicized in the media. The reason for the accidents were identified as the not efficient control and handling system of the car at high speed. So the recalled both the versions for improving the controls of the car.

Second generation:

This version was also first introduced as a concept car in the motor show of Tokyo in 2005. Many improvements were made in this model to improve its demand and remove the previous problems of this car. This was also a two seater with two rear doors. Aluminum was used in the making the front part of the body and steel for the rear.

It was announced by the Audi in 2006. The reason was to improve the control and handling system of the car as announced by the Audi. This indeed improved its performance and was made available in two different specifications, the all wheel drive and front wheel drive.

Due to its specifications the second generation car got listed in the 10 best lists for 2000-2001 in the car and driver magazine. It also had several other achievements to its name.

This is a brief review of Audi TT. It is hoped that you’ll like the information in this article.

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