How to be smart with credit cards

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Some card companies charge excessive fees, or sneak in ways to steal your money unexpectedly. Many people are unaware this is happening and are letting these companies get away fraud.  I will introduce to you a way you can help protect yourself from falling victim to this.

To protect yourself you need to play the same game the card companies are playing to make them hold up to their integrity.  There is a single trick you can do to catch the credit companies red handed.  If you have always been suspicious that you are being overcharged this is a great way to prove it.

Pick a number whatever number you prefer as long as it is a single digit number.  Make sure that all of the credit card charges that you make for that month end in this single digit as much as possible.  For example if  you digit is a 7 and you go out to dinner, when its time for  you to write your tip instead of a $4.00 tip make your tip $4.07.

Now that you have majority of your charges for the month ending in a 7 read your statement.  If your statement doesn’t reflect the current charges that you made then you need to make a phone call.  Call your credit card company and report your discrepancies.

Remember to use your credit cards wisely and look out for the above mentioned schemes or you may be losing more than your digninty. At average about 3 credit cards is the max a person should have at their disposal otherwise they mab be in to deep.


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