Basics of online poker

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When you are playing online poker game, you will see different types of buttons displayed on your screen. Usually these buttons are: fold, raise, call and check/fold button, (mostly it is fold, depending what is the situation of the game), all of these buttons are designed to keep the game flowing freely with no problems occurring.

The whole concept behind this is that when any of these buttons are clicked, when a player has seen his cards, the poker clients get the instructions from the player and carry them off to table, when it is the player’s turn. This is meant for players who simultaneously play at multiple tables and make themselves prepare to make decisions simply on the basis of the values of their cards. Usually you can use all of these buttons without giving a slightest hint to your competitors about what you currently are holding; this is useful at many times. Even if you click fold, you are not giving any information out, though it is not required you are folding any way.

But somehow the Check/Fold button makes an exception for itself and below is the description of how it does so?
If you are in a play, you’ll use this button only when you are in a big blind position and if you start using it constantly then you have a choice to give away your hand. Because if you use this button each time when it is your turn to hand, that will make your card in play instantly, without a slightest delay. What if one of your opponent spots this that whenever you are in a big blind you use Check/Fold button. It will take him a second to recognize that you are preparing yourself to fold your hand unless you got to see the flop for free.

In other words you are actually showing off your weakness to them by letting them know that you are out of a hand, worthwhile enough to have a bet on! Any skilled player who is focused at the play will figure that out and will simply go for a big raise which will ask you to fold.

This might not be a problem when you are playing on poker tables, lower at value scale, as mostly the players are beginners, they are not much not focused or might be drunk and therefore are unable to figure this out, but it could be a problem when you are playing online. It is recommended for players who are trying to move on and get them admitted in advance rounds to play for higher stakes, to keep this in mind: Do not use Check/Fold button it would be better for them if they’ll follow this advice.


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