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Everyone has their own favorite band whose music they could listen to for hours. There are many bands out there that we don’t even know of if someone else didn’t tell us. Within Temptation is a band I found because a friend suggested it to me. I heard one song and I was hooked on the band. They are a Sweden based band with the operatic voice of Sharon Den Adel. Sharon’s voice is so different and unique, there is no one who can compare. The songs Within Temptation sings portray the versatility of her voice and keeps listeners wanting more. Here are the top ten songs that this content producer considers to be the band’s best.

Angels: This song starts out real slow, and both they lyrics and music increase as the song progresses. The chorus has a unique melody with sharp short notes not held out like the verses. This is one of the songs that shows the real talent that Sharon Den Adel has for singing and the power she has in her vocals. Angels appears of the Silent Force album which has many other songs like this one, with the sharp short notes as part of the melody.

Paint It Black: Paint it Black is different from the other songs for the fact that it is faster than some of the other songs that Within Temptation has in their discography. Other songs like Hand of Sorrow or All I need are a lot slower then pick up speed, but Paint it Black has the speed throughout the whole song. The vocal notes are in a lower octave than the other songs as well. They aren’t as operatic as Within Temptation’s other songs are. Paint It Black really shows that Within Temptation can break from their mold.

Memories: This is another song that comes from The Silent Force album. It is one of the slower songs that Within Temptation albums contain. It has some of the most beautiful lyrics I have heard “All of my memories keep you near.” Makes me think of thinking of memories keeps a person alive. Sharon’s operatic voice and sincerity in the song drives the idea into the heart of listeners and makes you want to hear more songs.

Bittersweet: The Mother Earth album is very different from the other albums. This song comes from that album and is as unique as the other songs. It starts out with a flute like instrument, probably a pan flute. Sharon’s vocals are soft and tender making the song even more beautiful. The pan flute at the beginning and the end of the song adds a unique quality to the song. It is set apart from other songs including other Within Temptation songs. Bittersweet has this tranquility to it that simply relaxes you as you listen to it.

Forgiven: This has to be my favorite song. It has beautiful lyrics that took me a few times listening to it to actually get what the song is saying. It is definitely one of the operatic vocals that Sharon has. She hits notes that I haven’t heard hit before. Her voice sounds so sincere and heartbroken as she sings it; the song almost brings tears to your eyes as you listen to it. The distress and despair of the song just drips off of Sharon’s voice.

All I Need: All I Need is one of the songs that set my love for this band. It also shows Sharon’s versatility within her voice. It is also one of the most powerful song that Within Temptation has. “Don’t tear me down” says so much in so little. It reminds me a lot of a typical rock ballad, typical rock notes but with a softer quality to it. Everything about this song is so beautiful from the lyrics to the vocals, even the background music is so beautiful and makes this one of their best songs.

Crucify: Listeners will find that this song has interesting lyrics and theme within it. It is very different from their other songs including those on the Mother Earth album. It is very fast, almost like a dance hit. Sharon’s voice is also not as operatic as it normally is and is in a few octaves lower. The beat is different as well, not the rock metal that listeners are used to with Within Temptation, but reminds me of something from the 80’s. This song can be found on the Fallen Blood album.

Gatekeeper: Within Temptation does this song with Nightwish who have a similar sound. It has a lot of instrumentals to it, but does have some of Sharon’s voice. Her voice meshed with Nightwish’s lead singer sound as if there is one voice in this song. It makes me think of a song that would play in a fantasy movie, maybe something like Lord of The Rings. It is beautiful draws listeners in from the very beginning.

Wish You Were Here: There is more guitar in this song than the drums and other things that Within Temptation uses. It adds to the quality of the song. The lyrics are a little different from normal, but shows the versatility of the band, not just their lead singer Sharon den Adel. In this song, Sharon’s voice takes on a new quality with more intensity to it. There is a male vocal with this song as well. Their voices together makes the song more powerful as if it had been just one.

Truth Behind The Rose: This is another one of my favorite songs by the band. I think it has the most powerful vocals and melody of all their songs. It starts out real slow and grows in power as the song progresses like many of their other songs. I think the opera like voice of Sharon comes out the most within this song and that makes a big difference. Truth Behind The Rose almost sets the tone for the band even though it is close to the end of the album.

Within Temptation is one of those bands that you have to have an interest in. You either like them or you don’t, there really isn’t an in between with them. Their songs stand out drastically from other songs that are in the metal genre. Sometimes you may not think they should be considered metal, but there really isn’t a genre for them, or Nightwish for that matter. Anytime someone suggests a band for you to listen to you want to listen to more than one of their songs. This list gives you ten different Within Temptation songs to listen to in order to decide whether you like them or not.

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