Madonna bicep pictures fake or not

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               For the past few days all I have been hearing about is Madonna and her biceps. Have you seen them?  A woman 50 years old to look like this is totally amazing. I have to say though when I first heard about Madonna and her biceps some were saying she had “Bingo wings”. But after looking at the pictures of Madonna there is no sign of Bingo wings what so ever. What are Bingo wings in the first place? To me it’s the skin that hangs and jiggles underneath your arm, which some may refer it to your flapper or bat wings. How can you get rid of those nasty bat wings? Exercise is the main key here. The best choice to me would be to swim. This will help you tighten up that flabby skin, but also help strengthen your shoulders and other body parts. Enough about that for now let’s get back to Madonna.

             I feel Madonna looks great for her age, but if you closely up at the pictures you will see her veins very clearly. That to me looks kind of gross. It almost reminded me of looking at Iggy Pop when I first saw these Madonna pictures with her veins sticking all out. I hope Madonna doesn’t try to lose any more weight then she could be the next Iggy. At her age though I think any women would want that. I hope when I am 50 I look as good, but please no veins showing and more softness to my body. That is what I feel Madonna needs right now. Madonna needs to put on 5-7 pounds and add some softness in order for the veins to be less visible. Madonna is definitely giving hope for all women in their 40’s and 50’s and I totally give her props for not allowing her age to interfere. To me though Tina Turner and Cher were the first to top the best looking work out bods for older women.

            If you want to see the Madonna bicep pictures you can go directly to There you will see 4 amazing pictures of Madonna with her bulging biceps and veins popping out. Madonna is also supporting a black rocker type outfit, black fishnet stockings, white fedora hat with some punk looking leather fingerless gloves. Just remember age is just a number if you stay healthy and keep up with your body you can look like Madonna as well.


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