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If you like to give your opinions and you can voice out your likes and dislikes, paid focus discussion groups can make you earn some extra easy cash! You can earn about $65-$150/hr as a Thank You for your time and participation.

Before launching a new product or an improved version of an existing one, a corporation will want to know what their target market thinks of it. They can either mandate their own research and development department or hire an external market research company. There are different ways to evaluate responses of the market towards a specific product. In the subject that matters to this article, the market research company will organize a paid focus discussion group.

Both companies will work together to define who the participants should be and form categories. Does the product targets males or females? What is their customers’ age range? Do we only want to interview the head of household or anyone? Having these categories allow them to qualify their participants for the discussion group. If you do not correspond to their target market, your participation cannot be considered for the particular study.

Since it’s a paid task, you are offered a compensation for your time and participation. This is not a salary wage and does not depend on any hourly rate. The compensation offered depends on the study itself. So participating in those discussion groups is one way to earn some extra cash fast!

If you want to participate in one of those focus discussion groups, this is where they’d possibly advertise to get participants:

  1. Watch your local newspaper closely, especially in the classifieds section. You will most likely to find ads from these sorts of company looking for participants and short description of qualifications required.
  2. You can also find them on the corporate website of the market research company. Look them up.
  3. With the internet being part of our daily lives, more and more companies will advertise in online classified ads. So if your local community has local online classifieds, look there. Look in Miscellaneous categories.
  4. If they are targeting students, you may find such ads on university campuses where there are approved ads posted on boards.

For other means and ways to earn some extra cash, there are paid-to sites and paid surveys. Although you don’t earn enough to pay your bills, it’s still fun to have some pocket change to spend.


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