Chocolate Mix Skittles Review

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Apparently Chocolate Mix Skittles have been around for a while, but I only recently saw them, and decided to try them. I’m a big fan of the regular Skittles in the red pack, and peanut M&Ms are just about my all-time favorite candy. So, I figured, chocolate Skittles could potentially be another favorite.

As I ripped open the bag of candy, I looked forward to my first taste. On the front of the package, you can see the color-coded pictures of the different Chocolate Mix Skittles flavors available. The whitish, slightly tan one equals S’mores. The darker tan one equals Chocolate Caramel. Reddish brown equals Chocolate Pudding, and dark brown equals Brownie Batter.

In the mood for chocolate, I picked the brownie batter one first. Big disappointment. The brownie batter had a weird, sweet after-taste. I’m not sure where Chocolate Mix Skittles gets their brownie batter from, but it was terrible. Chocolate pudding wasn’t much better. The Caramel one was just ok.

The Vanilla and S’mores ones were just ok. The candy was sweet and didn’t have a terrible, fake-tasting after-taste. But overall, these two Chocolate Mix Skittle flavors were not great. And, ironically, (since I’m such a big chocolate lover) my two favorite flavors of the Chocolate Mix Skittles are the two that are the least chocolate-y. 

Overall, the Chocolate Mix Skittles were a big dissapointment. I ended up throwing most of them away.

In the future, I think I’ll stick with the regular Skittles and get my chocolate fix elsewhere.


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