My Review of McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts New Latte

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I am a coffee girl. I love a good brew in the early AM or right before bed, it doesn’t matter to me as long as it is good ! I don’t like weak coffee . I like the taste of coffee and that’s why I drink it, so if its too weak it is like drinking dish water, yuk! That is probably why I like Star Bucks because of its strength, plus they know how to make a perfect latte . I am addicted to their cafe mocha’s, oh my God they are so good. I don’t get them often though, they are my special treat. Maybe once a month I pay the 5 bucks to envelope myself in the taste and the experience of that rich chocolate/coffee taste.

I used to manager a coffee shop a few years ago, and it does take some practice to learn the art of how to make a good latte or cappuccino. It is an art, and takes practice. Not only in making the espresso but in steaming the milk. If I had the money I would buy myself a real cappuccino machine and produce my own, but they are extremely expensive, so for now I am in search of the perfect latte that is not overly priced. For the past few days I have been sampling some of the new lattes on the market.

My first stop was Dunk in Donuts. I saw the ad for their 99 cent latte till 5 PM everyday. Well I don’t get out of work until 5 so by the time I reach the corner Dunk in it is after that, but I wanted one, I was craving the taste of that specialty coffee. So I decided I would stop and pay the extra two bucks and ordered a medium latte and see how it rated.

I was extremely surprised at how much I enjoyed it. The milk was perfectly steamed and the foam had the texture of whip cream , and lots of it. For those of you that do not know the difference between a latte and a cap, it is the milk and the foam. There is more milk and foam in a latte. The coffee itself was very smooth. There was no bitter after taste. It was just the way I like them, and it was really yummy! Price of this glorious elixir is $3.01. Not bad for a delicious cup of Joe.

Tonight on my way home I decided to stop by McDonald’s to try their latte. I have been seeing the ads for them and said to myself why not. Well I got the mocha. At first glance the presentation of the cup, was good, but before I even tasted it I took off the cap to look at the foam. I was not happy looking inside of that cup, because there was very little foam. I knew deep down  inside, before my first taste, this was not going to be good. Well I was not wrong. It was very bitter, and had a really strange after taste. What was supposed to be chocolate seems to be some sort of mocha syrup I suspect. It is definitely not the real chocolate like it is supposed to be.  It was absolutely awful! I took two sips just to be sure it was not my taste buds but the second seemed worse than the first. So it sat in my cup holder till I got home and to the trash it went. Price $3.01.

In my opinion, the people who should sell coffee should be the ones who know what they are doing. Have the training needed to complete the job, so the customers return for not only one, and not sell slop that puts that $3.01 in the trash. McDonald’s may know how to make a chicken nugget or a cheese burger, but coffee people they are not.

So in my opinion, stick with either Star Bucks or Dunk in Donuts…the coffee experts, and dont waste your money on that awful, unknown thing McDonalds calls a latte.


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