Don’t forget to track Santa!

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For more then 50 years, the North American Defense System AKA NORAD Has been tracking Santa on the night of Christmas Eve using Four different high tech Systems,

The first system is the North Warning System Radar system, The powerful radar system consists of 47 installations across the northern border of North America. On Christmas Eve, NORAD monitors the radar continuously for indications that Santa Claus has left the North Pole.

The second system is the Satellites positioned in orbit which are equipped with infrared sensors which enable them to detect heat From Rudolph’s bright red nose.

The thrid system is The Santa Cam network. NORAD began using it in 1998, which is the year they put our Santa Tracking program on the interne.

The fourth and final system is Fighter jets. Canadian NORAD fighter pilots flying the CF-18 intercept and welcome Santa to North America. In the United States, American fighter pilots in either the F-15 or the F-16 get the thrill of flying alongside Santa and his famous reindeer

Track Santa at

There is other things to do at the website such as, play games at the Kids area, find out why they track Santa, learn about santa, see how many cookies santa eats on the night of christmas eve, track him in 3D using google Earth, and many other things

A great thing to do with the whole family.

The NORAD Santa tracking project is compleatly Fund Raised and does not use any tax payer dollars.


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