How to locate the best day care services

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If both you and your spouse work and you have young children choosing a high quality day care is important. Not only do you want an affordable price you also want high quality service for your child.  This information will be very helpful to you on your search for the best daycare provider

First if you want to check for available services, check for a childcare and resource and referral service.  These services are also known as information and referral, I&R, or R&R.  These services gather data on programs in your local area. Through R&R you can find vacancies, fees, and ages of children to aid you in your search.

If you can’t find information on these services you should contact the YM/YWCA, colleges, church groups, vocational schools, for information on day care services.  When you begin your search look for licensed daycare providers first.  Anyone who watches 3 or more unrelated children are required to be licensed.

Be sure to visit the center before making a final decision. Another great tip is to drop in unannounced.  Ask questions about the centers staff, find out their experience level and what type of qualifications they have. A good ratio for daycare is one teacher and one assistant for various age levels.  Infants 4 to 6 children, One to two years old 6 to 8 children, two to three years old, 8 to 14 children, four to five years old 11 to 20 children.

Day care centers should have visible emergency plans as well.  Near every telephone their should be an emergency plan which includes numbers for doctors, parents, and emergency.  Make sure to look around for smoke detectors and visible fire extinguishers.  You also should look around for plenty of play equipment as well as learning toys for education


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