Start a business as a tea shop: Learn commercial tea making!

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You have been so far a consumer of different tea drinks at home and other commercial shops and restaurants! Now, you are going to learn the simple to complex intricacies of tea making commercially as being done tea shops.

At teashops, tea is made differently!
Tea Boiler Method:

There will be a copper water boiler with a small opening to pour water. The center of the boiler has a copper tube where charcoal is partially filled and fired to heat the water in the boiler around. There will be a tap at the side of the boiler for drawing steaming hot water.

A conical shaped thin muslin tea bag is fixed to a small metallic ring with a handle. The tea dust is taken in the bag. The boiling water is added to the tea bag and the liquor is collected in an aluminum cup.

Tea made then and there:

In tea shops, a number of glass tumblers or teacups are arranged in line. Hot milk with sufficient sugar is taken in the tumblers. The tea decoction is added and mixed with them one by one.
Sometime, with the bulk tea decoction, necessary milk and sugar are added and mixed in a bigger cup. This prepared tea is then transferred to tea glass tumblers or ceramic teacups and saucers and served to the consumers.

In tea shops, the tea is strong in color, taste and flavor; the taste stays lingering in the tongue for a longer period!

Bulk Teas in Canteens:

In canteens, the tea will be prepared in good volume to serve people in groups of 50, 100 or 200s or alike. Therefore, tea is also prepared in bulk.
A bigger vessel is kept on fire and about 10 liter of milk and an equal quantity of water are mixed and boiled. About 200 grams of tea dust is also added and allowed to boil for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Storage Teas:

The tea is extracted and filtered into a big vessel. About 1200 grams of sugar is added, mixed well and transferred into a 20-liter thermos flask for serving about 150 to 200 people in a short period of time.
Here, care is taken to select a tea dust which is medium sized and does not contain too much of fibers.

Caution: Too small a dust and more of fibers will give too much of tasty materials in the drink. They will turn into a turbid and creamy tea making the consumer dislike it when served after sometime.

Teas in 5 Star Hotels:

In star hotels, tea is prepared in small quantities with leaf tea, wholesome milk and sufficient sugar.
*Sometimes, tea is extracted and served hot in separate teapot.

*Sugar and hot milk are supplied in separate pots.

*The consumer will make his own choice of combination to mix tea with other ingredients.

Entrepreneur’s New Business Ideas!

Opening a Tea Shop:

Now, you can also think of opening a special tea shop with all kinds of teas such as regular teas, masala teas, lime teas, cocoa teas, and leaf teas, of course with other suitable savories and eatables.


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