Catch Words to Catch the Business!

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Dear Entrepreneur, you will understand: Words are meaningful, attractive, and powerful to pull the crowd! Know to make use of them!

Design a strategy!

When I was attending my routine designing work at my garment unit, I received call from one of my seminar participants. He just asked me to help in designing a strategy to sell about 4000 T-Shirts in just 5 days.

He bought them as usual from the exporters as their surplus stock lot. He has secured a temporary shop in a busy market street in this textile city. It is a festival season and it is at its peak; and also going to close shortly.

Potential place!

I visited his temporary shop. The shop is located in an ideal place where the public will move heavily after the end of shows in the close by cine complex. Further, it is an area for fast food counters, where all young couples and family people will come and enjoy the evenings. It is one among the crowded streets in that part of the town.

But there are well established garments shops to compete with the newcomer.

Beautiful Display of Garments!

The shop was fully stocked with knitted garments. The display of T shirts in all sizes and colors was quite impressive. To me the lacuna was that the shop did not have a name board to say about the seller and the products.

I decided to display a temporary board or a banner on the fore head of the shop. I am a strong believer of power of catch words in business success.

Catch words are meaningful!

I have observed in a number of retail businesses, the advertiser selects a beautiful catch phrase that is meaningful in the context of the business.

The catch phrase is attractive!

The phrase is so nicely coined that it will tell a story to the consumers! They will look into it with all the curiosity!

The Catch Phrase is Powerful!

The catch words will simply explain the benefit of buying from the shop. It is capable of pulling the passerby into the venue of sale. As a whole the catch phrase is designed to make the street walkers to listen, read, enjoy the phrase and create interest and desire to make use of the offer.

Letters Red and Bold!

The board or the banner should have very good bold letters in red color in yellow background or in white with red back ground. The need of the red color is inevitable! You know every one is attracted to red color anytime and anywhere. When you open eyes after a short closure, the red color only comes to your vision instantly. Again a simple bold letter style will be of great comfort for the readers of the banner.

Real Big Catch!

The board was displayed. I was watching the business daily. People started approaching the area and were drawn by the color instantly and by the catch phrase subsequently. They moved in and were willing to discuss the offer and happy to buy the T Shirts.
The catch phrase glittering on the board was in red:

In this Festival of Lights “ALL AT YOUR PRICE”

As expected, the words were meaningful, attractive and crowd pulling in the ambiance of the color and style of the board. The colorful display of the garment made them to survey and select to their taste. At the end of 5th day all the stocks are sold!

Believe in Words!

I believe in that words are meaningful, words are attractive, words are powerful, words are crowd pullers when suitable words are selected for a particular event and displayed in a special attractive manner.


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