15 Popular Drinks From Around the World You Probably Haven’t Tasted Yet

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1. Egg Cream: New York


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New York is probably one of the most popular places in the world. When you are in New York don’t forget to take

a sip of their classic beverage called Egg Cream. It is a drink consisting of chocolate syrup, milk and seltzer (soda

water). This classic drink probably started from the late 19th century in Brooklyn. It contains neither eggs nor


2. Mint Julep: New Orleans


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Another popular drink in the US, especially in the southern part of the country, is the Mint Julep, a mixed alcoholic

drink or cocktail. This drink is traditionally made of mint, bourbon, sugar and water. Methods of preparation of Mint

Julep may vary considerably from one bartender to another.

3. Bubble Tea: Taiwan


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Bubble Tea is a popular drink that originated in Taiwan in the 1980’s and spread in other East and Southeast

Asian countries in the eastern and southeastern regions. It soon became popular in Canada, the US, Peru,

Australia, New Zealand and Belgium. This famous tea beverage contains tapioca balls (mixture of tapioca and

carrageen an powder).

4. Singapore Sling: Singapore


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The Singapore Sling is a cocktail that was invented in Singapore in the early 1900’s. Sling is a traditional type of

cocktail. This popular drink consists of gin, cherry brandy, and Benedictine in equal parts. It is shaken and

strained into a glass and then filled to individual taste with club soda.

5. Kvass: Russia


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Vodka is undoubtedly the most popular alcoholic drink from Russia. Another Russian drink worth tasting is Kvass

or Kvas. It is a fermented mildly alcoholic beverage made from black rye or rye bread. It is often flavored with fruits

or herbs like strawberry and mint.

6. Lambanog: Philippines


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Filipinos are known in native wine-making and one of the most popular native wines in the country is Lambanog. It

is distilled from the sap of the unopened coconut flower. It is commonly described as coconut wine or coconut


7. Lassi: India


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Yogurt is one of the healthiest drinks in the world. And one drink made from yogurt is Lassi. Lassi is a popular and

traditional yogurt-based drink made by blending yoghurt with water, salt, pepper, ice and Indian spices. It is

sometimes flavored with ground roasted cumin. Sweet Lassi, blended with sugar instead of spices, is also very


8. Macua: Nicaragua


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Another great tasting drink is the Macuá, the national drink of Nicaragua, a Central American country. This drink

is a cocktail made with white rum and fruit juices like lemon and guava juice. This popular drink is named after a

tropical bird native to Nicaragua.

9. Advocaat: Europe


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Advocaat or Advokat is a popular drink in Europe that has a smooth, custard-like flavor. It is a rich and creamy

liqueur made from eggs, sugar and brandy. Its contents may be a blend of egg yolks, aromatic spirits, sugar or

honey, brandy, vanilla and sometimes cream or evaporated milk.

10. Teh Tarik: Southeast Asia


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Teh Tarik is a popular Southeast Asian hot tea beverage. This drink is made from black tea and condensed milk.

It can be commonly found in outdoor stalls and restaurants in Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore. Teh Tarik literally

means pulled tea. Its name is derived from the pouring process of “pulling” the drink during preparation.

11. Sabra Chocolate: Israel


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To make your visit in Israel a truly memorable one, take a sip of its famous Sabra Chocolate Orange Liqueur. It is

regarded as the most famous liqueur produced in Israel. The primary flavor of Sabra is a rich, bittersweetish

chocolate. The dense chocolate is cut with the sweet and sour taste of Jaffa oranges. This citrus addition gives

Sabra an extra kick that chocolate doesn’t have.

12. Frappe Coffee: Greece


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While cruising the cool and blue waters of the Mediterranean, try Greek Frappe or Café Frappe, a popular drink

that originated in Greece. It is especially popular during summer. Café Frappe is now popular also to other

countries. It is a foam-covered iced coffee drink made from spray-dried instant coffee. Drinks that were derived

from this drink are Ice Cappuccino, Float and Frappuccino.

13. Yuanyang: Hong Kong


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A popular beverage that you should not miss when you go to Hong Kong is Yuanyang, a mixture of coffee and

Hong Kong-style milk tea. It is available in open air food vendors and café and in various restaurants as well. It

can be served hot or cold.

14. Caesar: Canada


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This drink is popular in Canada. Caesar is sometimes referred to as a Bloody Caesar due to its similarity to

Bloody Mary. This cocktail contains vodka, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, clamato – a combination of

tomato juice, and clam broth. It is then served on the rocks in a large, celery salt-rimmed glass and garnished with

a stalk of celery and wedge of lime. A common nickname for a version without vodka is Virgin Caesar.

15. Caipirinha: Brazil


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When you visit Brazil, the largest South American country, the most popular drink you’ll certainly encounter will be

Caipirinha – its national cocktail. This drink is made of cachaca (Brazil’s most common distilled alcoholic

beverage), sugar and lime.

Hope you enjoyed this. Thank you!

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