Who should test for diabetes?

Diabetes is on an increase in the world; more and more young generation are now in the grip of this killer diseases.  Every other day, the numbers are increasing on an alarming rate.

Diabetes is a life threatening disease and early diagnosis is the best way to overcome some of the complications related to it. People normally do not check for diabetes at an early age and it is only when they are over 35 that they think of going for a glucose test. No one can say when one can become diabetes and it is better to go for earlier lab tests. 

Who should go for diabetes test? It is good if every person goes for a glucose test, may be every three months or so. Obesity is related to diabetes and obese persons have higher risk of getting diabetes. Obese persons have to regularly check for diabetes.

Coming to age, people who have crossed 35 years should compulsorily go for glucose tests. Persons, who have a family history of diabetes, should have to go for regular lab tests.

Persons having high cholesterol levels should have to check for diabetes. Persons with high blood pressure and cardio-vascular diseases are liable to get diabetes.  Women having Polycystic ovary syndrome are more liable to diabetes.

People who have an HDL (cholesterol level) below 35 mg/dL or triglyceride level above 250 mg/dL may need regular check up as these persons are prone to diabetes.

Diabetes is truly a killer disease. It is better that people go for lab tests at an earlier stage rather than wait for something to happen. People who are at higher risk of becoming diabetic should routinely test for diabetes.

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