How to be smart when shopping for car insurance for your teen

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If you have teenagers I’m pretty sure putting them behind the wheel is a scary thought.  What is even more frightening is thinking about how much the insurance will cost.With the variety of companies, like Geico, and USAA who do you pick. Car Insurance can get pretty frightening when you are adding teenage drivers to your insurance policy. Well now you can feel more at ease, when you learn ways to get great deals on insurance

The cheapest way to insure your teenager, is to limit their time on the road.  The way you do this is add them as a occasional driver on your car insurance policy.  Insurance companies make a distinction between principal drivers, and occasional drivers.

Insurance companies label a principal operator is someone who drives their car more than 25% of the time.  These drivers are considered high risk.  In most states the car with the highest rating will take the underage drives classification.

If you have a second car your teen will be able to get you a 15% discount, if you have a third can you will get a larger discount for your current policy.  If you have your own business, and you let your child drive your (hint) company car, you will save the most money on your insurance premiums.  When you use this approach your rates will not increase becuase your teenager drives a company car.

There are several methods you can use to garuantee your wallet isnt hurt, when it comes to insuring your child but its up to you to make the best decision.


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