10 Tips to have any man you want

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There are certain things that men adore when it comes about women. And I’m not talking about an enviable figure, a model body and the latest fashion clothes bought from the most expensive stores.

All you have to do is to know how to outline your natural features, to take advantage fully of your strengths. This is what will drive him crazy! In the following you can read about those small details that can turn an ordinary woman into a truly irresistible one:

1. A specific perfume- that makes him recognize you with his eyes closed.

It is known that a perfume changes its flavor on each person. Therefore the same perfume can be felt different. The combination of perfume with the specific smell of your skin is an important clue for him. It’s necessary just one drop of perfume and he will become a passionate fan.

2. The walk- the way in which a woman walks is very exciting for him. We are talking here, of course, about an elegant walk, as long as it stays natural; it’s about a feminine walk. Give up that “boy” style, it’s not attractive at all; a man looks for a woman and not for a beer partner.

3. The voice- most men prefer women who have a sensual tonality. No matter how your voice is, try to adopt a natural, warm, kind and feminine tonality. A sharp and loud voice will make him have a wrong impression about you. He’s not going to the market to talk with a merchant, he’s dating you, so be feminine!

4. The eyes- you can express everything through one look and you know this, as you’re a woman. It is a matter of genetics, of which you should take advantage. Play with him and do it only by looking to him. You can express so much. Don’t you dare to tell him how much you like him? -Never mind. Don’t be shy and tell him this with your eyes. He will receive your message and everything will be more exciting than it would be by using some simple words.

5. A feminine appearance- This doesn’t mean you have to give up your jeans, but try to wear along with them a top or a feminine T-shirt; or, at least, some nice accessories. You can choose a necklace and a pair of earrings to match your make up or an outfit chosen by you. Men appreciate very much this, although they don’t recognize it sometimes; they feel proud to go out with you, a beautiful woman.

6. The smile- Your smile shouldn’t be forced and artificial, but a smile can get you out of trouble many times. Does he ask you something and you don’t know what to answer or you just avoid the answer? -Nothing easier. Answer him with a smile. He will be charmed and maybe he will even forget about his question. Don’t forget that the smile is a feminine weapon!

7. Spontaneity- A man will feel more relaxed next to a spontaneous woman, rather than if his partner calculates every gesture, being stressed by each phrase. Let your imagination fly! Do you want to make something funny and you’re afraid about his opinion? He might even like it/ Men love this to a woman!

8. Taking the initiative- Do you want to go to a certain place, but you don’t dare to say it? Don’t wait anymore. It’s time to take a decision on your own and he will surely appreciate this. Otherwise, you risk turning your relationship into a boring one, in which he decides absolutely everything regarding common activities.

At the next date, don’t give him any clue about the place where you’re going, but tell him to trust you. Choose a romantic place that you both like. He will surely be impressed!

9. Your attitude- Are you sociable and you make friends easily? Then, it is perfect. You can seduce him easier if you know how to behave. Communicate, socialize and everything will come from itself. Even if you consider yourself as being a shy person, forget about this. Trust yourself and tell him directly what your feelings are.

10. Be yourself! Yes, exactly, by being yourself, you can have any man! The only thing you need is a little bit more self confidence, a drop of sensuality, naturalness and courage.

Good luck!


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