7 Sins Women are proud to have

There are times when you are nosy or jealous, moments when you have a bad behavior and moments when you spend more money than you should. Nobody is perfect, so instead of feeling guilty of all your sins, try to accept them. With all the good intentions, there are vices that you can not control. It’s better to accept them as they are.

1. The Laziness

Continuous stress and irritation are not good for you and make you become quite peevish. Don’t charge the others with your tasks, it’s your right to be lazy, but don’t ask someone else to do your job. Eventually, you can’t blame anyone for your bad mood!

2. The Curiosity

It is better to ask too many questions than incomplete information; in this way, no one will ever accuse you of a lack of interest. Still, try to be discreet and subtle. Ask questions without showing your obsessive curiosity. Pretend to be surprised and ask for more details every time.

3. The Greed

If you eat well and you can’t refrain from fine food, then you probably should be an attractive woman. We live in a world with many possibilities, so it would be a shame not to allow yourself sometimes something good. But treating yourself well doesn’t mean to eat 24 hours a day. Reward your efforts with chocolate or other things that motivate you, but be careful to make some exercises from time to time.

4. The Pride

Because you deserve it! A little pride is good for you, for your ego, for the way in which you present yourself, for your friends and family. But don’t confuse the pride with a huge ego. Try to avoid superficial gestures – it’s important to buy a present, but equally important is the reason why you bought it.

5. The Gossip

It’s such a pleasant activity! It means that there is always something to discuss. And it’s so true that one of your colleagues had an affair with the boss in order to be promoted! It’s even better to talk about this with the entire staff than talk just with her. Be careful at who you’re talking with. If you want to mention some spicy details, make sure that the person who listens has nothing to do with the person who is the subject of discussion.

6. Spending

It’s a therapy, and if you buy three bags full of clothes that were on sale, just think about how much money you will save! New clothes make you feel better, happy and also motivate you.

7. The Jealousy

Who can not be jealous?  When there are so many beautiful women around, it’s normal to distract his attention when you have the impression that he’s watching in the wrong direction. Anyway, it’s better to say something at the right moment than to fight afterwards with nights of insomnia.

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