Converting Microsoft Publisher Documents into Microsoft Word

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I like to spice up my documents and articles with backgrounds and ideas from various sources. I use Microsoft Publisher to incorporate photos and various forms and documents. But when I need to share them with others, many do not have access to Publisher and are unable to view the document.

Unfortunately there is no Microsoft magic, so, here’s what I do…

With the completed document open in Publisher open a new Word file.
If have graphics or pictures in the page:

* in Publisher go to Edit > Select All > Copy
* in Word on the blank page go to Paste
(You may need to modify the margins or layout to properly fit the page)


If the page has text:
* in Publisher click inside the text box, using your cursor, highlight the text
* go to Edit/right click > Copy
* in Word click cursor where the text placement should be and Edit/right click > Paste

If you have more text than page you have a couple of options.
* You can reduce the text size to fit the page
* You can insert a text box and paste the text and have the box shrink to fit the page
* You may allow the text to continue on the next page (just adjust the text to fit if you have headers or want the information to start further down the next page

This can be a bit time consuming but is worth it when using graphics from Publisher

  • If possible it may be better to use Publisher to edit the graphics but complete your original creation in Word and copy the graphics into the Word file from Publisher.
  • It is better to paste your text freely in the Word document rather v than using text boxes so that text easily flows to the next page and Word automatically creates a new page as needed. It is sometimes more difficult to create a new page when there are graphics and text on the first page.
  • There are a couple of file converter tools available on-line but they may require you sign-up or pay for their services.

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