How to get discount for hotels

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Many people are preparing to travel during the Christmas Holidays.  This season people are spending less money, why not save money on Hotel stays as well.

When you are making a reservation ask for the Hotels corporate rate to save money.  Majority of Hotels will have a corporate rate for you to use.  If the rates vary from about $40 to $65 the corporate rate may be about $50.  In other words the corporate rate can be $50 or lower, this rate will never be higher.

To use this you to book your stay in advance.  To be eligible many hotels may require you to stay a minimum number of nights per year.  To get around this many hotels will give them to nearly anyone who writes a letter using their companies letterhead.

When making reservations with a travel agent be sure to get your confirmation number to guarantee  your room. A travel agents voucher is the weakest form of proof,because it is missing the official acknowledgment from the hotel staff.

Be sure to always ask for discount whenever you travel, many people can get discounts but they don’t aks.  My wife has a habit for asking for employee discounts and some tiimes we get it.  If you are military almost anywhere you go in the US will have military discounts avaliable for you to take advantage of.

Use these tips and should be able to save plenty of money on your next vacation destination.  With all the savings you will be able to save you can take your wife out for a nice dinner, or even to a movie.  Your family will be glad you benefited from the tips in this article and you will as well.


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