Dealing With Death

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Ever waited along a beautiful beach on a bright sunny perfect day, waiting for the waves to caress your feet and thought about DEATH!! I am sure no one would have and why should we!!! But are we not living in a cynical world being swayed away by all the fancies and charms of life almost neglecting the ultimate truth of Life!!!

I believe that a lot of you would have leaft reading this or would stop reading it after the next 3-4 lines, but don’t you think you too would be neglecting what one day HAS to happen!! Are we all not just living happy amongst ourselves and carelessly waiting for the reaper for the “THE DAY”!!

We all carry a single motto “I care a Damn” and yes we are really really good portraying this motto too. But is it worth the life we have been given??Is it worth every single breath we have?? Have we ever thought that what if this breath we take could be the last one??

Well the answer to all this is a big NO and why not , why should we think about death , well we have a nice life , a great family , cool friends, a beautiful girlfriend , well what more I could ask for.

I know no one wants to think about death and for sure no one wants to read this shit for a second more, but maybe I am penning it down for myself and not for anyone else. It’s my grief, my helplessness, my incapability to cope with it that I am finding this medium to express.

For the knowledge of those who do not know me and by now I can understand have killed any desire of doing so, I have been living a crazy life, have done things which in all your intelligence you will term as PURE INSANE. I too have lived in this hallucination that we build around us but then it struck and it has struck where it hurts the most , I looked into the eyes of the reaper taking away the one cherished, and what all could I do  , a big NOTHING ??

What is Death??? Is it the end of life , is it the freedom of the soul ,is it the movement from one life to another , well I have no answers to that but for as I have come to understand it , ITS PAIN .  A pain that is inexplicable, a pain that kills every reason to smile, a pain that seems unending and a pain one has no idea to get over with.

It’s a real low feeling to be there, caught between the myth of life and death; of losing someone you spend and share your life with in a second.

You feel exposed , totally vulnerable to any reaction any emotion in life and think of the times when you had  great times when you sat together and planned for the next 20 years , the times when you laughed and try covering your grief with the memories of the past.

But does it help??? It does not, the grief that covers has got no bounds and it overtakes every effort you have to make you move forward and start living again in this big hallucination called LIFE.

That makes me think that why are we here?? Are we here to aimlessly wait for the “THE DAY” to come or are we here for a particular reason??Have we done something wrong in our past life to again get trapped in this hallucination??

Are we too much involved in ourself?? Have we become almost impregnable to every fear every emotion in life??

The answers to these are as difficult as understanding these questions. But have we ever questioned ourselves what have we done till now which when we can boast of when we face the axe??

I am sure we have not and we will not, for us the meaning of life is playing the part in the all important all stylized “I CARE A DAMN “attitude.

We all are happy to live in the hollow and almost eccentric thing that we call LIFE.

Who would have ever seen his loved ones and thought I would lose them one day!! I am sure no one would, but is it not the truth, or do we not want to accept the truth. Whatever it might be will continue living this myth till we can take it no longer, we would look deep in the eyes of the devil and have our soul freed, freed from this trap, freed from the myth that brakes and shakes you whenever it feels like and YES for all those do not even want to think of it we would be FREED FROM THIS LIFE.

I can understand you would hate me for writing this but this is what it is, it’s the truth right in front of you and will take over your helplessness one day.

As of now I feel it difficult to deal with the pain called DEATH , I know I too would fall for the trap of life ,  but till that day comes and I hope it comes fast , I see the myth the pain the agony the helplessness called LIFE.

“Souls do not die, they move from one human shape to another, it is the people around these beautiful souls that DIE”

“Death brings an end to agony to the one who dies, but brings that agony to people around him, who now die every single minute”


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