What to Read when you are on the Toilet

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Toilet reading really is an art. If you ever wanted to brush up on your reading skills then definitely consider doing it while on the toilet! When I tried this I discovered that I enjoy reading more, I have peace of mind and I read more materials and read much faster.  Ever since I took up the challenge to start reading  whilst on the toilet I have discovered that it is really a good way to not only relax while getting jiggy with your toilet duties but it also increases your mentality level! Not only did I understand more what i was reading but I enjoyed reading for the first time without dozing off or finding an excuse to ditch the book I was reading. So if you are a toilet reader (I do recommend you become one if your not) I have figured out the top five materials that are very useful if you are to enjoy this wonderful priviledge:-

1 Newspaper – Nothing beats the old classic newspaper as not only do you get updated information but also you get to read a variety of topics from just one page.

2. Magazine – particularily reader’s digest. It will definitely keep you hooked and you won’t notice the time fly by.

3. Booklets and Flyers – you are more likely to pay attention to whatever is being advertised when you’re on the toilet as you give it thought and analyse how this information can help you.

4. Romantic Novel – I’ve heard people get big orgasms when they read cushy tushy novels and your likely to finish it at one go.

5. Comic books.- I can recall finishing to read all the Tintin series in the toilet. All the superman, spiderman, xmen, fantastic four etc.. I discovered those in the toilet and they are very entertaining.

So if you’re not an enthusiastic reader I urge you to give it a go.. I promise you that you will enjoy reading after you try it. Remember this is best done in your own toilet and not when you are at somebody else’s place or at the office! oh don’t forget to wash your hands when your done..


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