How to Repair a Flat Tire

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Repairing a flat tire is not very difficult; all you need is a Tubeless Tire Repair Kit. You will also need to purchase an air pump if you don’t have one. You can purchase a portable air pump made for the car or an electric one for the home.

Material and Tools

Tubeless Tire Repair Kit

Air pump

Spray bottle filled with soapy water.


Tire gauge

Lug wrench

Car jack


Remove flat tire from your car by raising the tire off the ground using the car jack. Remove the lug nuts with the lug wrench and then remove tire from wheel.


Look for a nail or screw that may be lodge in the tire and remove it with a pair of pliers. If the puncture is not visible then spray soapy water on the tire, a section at a time. The area that produces soap bubbles will be the location of the leak.


Clean the tire puncture using the rasp tool from your kit. Leave the rasp tool in the hole so that all the air does not escape from the tire.


Place a tire plug through the needle insertion tool so that half protrudes on each side of the tool.


Apply a generous amount of rubber cement to the tire plug and the tire puncture.


You must have air in the tire to complete this step. Remove the rasp tool from the hole and quickly insert the plug into the tire leaving about a ¼” sticking out of the tire. Quickly remove the insertion tool from the tire. If not done quickly the plug will come out with the tool.


Fill the tire up with air using a tire pressure gauge for the proper psi.


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