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Remember this day is about you and the love you share with one other person. The guest list may include your friends, family and the hard to please, but you do not need to stress about what everyone else would do. This is the day you have been waiting for your entire life and you should make the memories ones you will love to remember forever.

Wedding programs need not be stern and “programmed.” Have fun! Yes you may include the plan for the ceremony, but you have to know that people are going to throw them away once they leave. Cut costs, make them yourself. Use pretty paper and maybe an embellishment but the content is what matters. If you have a sense of humor, feel free to make it funny. Give people something to laugh at…they will remember that for sure.

If you are worried about perfection, well nothing is ever perfect. So make it MEMORABLE. Keep in mind the people who know you the best, they will be the ones who appreciate everything you do no matter the outcome. Too many people make their weddings about others think it should be. This is the day you can throw caution to the wind and wear hot pink converse with your wedding dress, put rainbow streaks in your hair, use skull confetti on the tables, or put up a poster of your favorite pics of you and your significant other. It’s your day!!!

People spend way too much time and money on their “Big Day” and tend to lose the meaning of their union.  Your wedding day can include everything a traditional wedding includes and still be completely non-traditional.  Go crazy!  Have Fun!


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