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How to attach execute file and add gadgets to gmail account.

Attachment File

I wish to send portable anti virus in execute file [Installer] to my friend via gmail. Unfortunately, gmail do not allow file “exe” although its already in zip. Easiest way I used are switching that file name to other form, wonder if my partner is confused, I just put a dash behind that file name.

Make sure your Windows display file name with with extension. Otherwise, you have to make some setting.

My Computer – Tool – Folder Option

View – Untick Hide extension For known File Types

Now, name file with extension displayed in your Windows So you no need hangover to change name file through Command Prompt. Example: file I want exchange is, so I just add on a dash behind. Antivirus.zip_

Gmail cant scan file exe sent by me to friend. Usually I directed my friend to changing back that file by removing dash behind name file.

Adding Widget.

For first time user. Switch on or enable “Add any gadget by URL” via Setting-> Labs. Let say we want to add twitter gadget. Http://

Go to widget tab, at the bottom, you can see the url named “Add a gadget by its URL: “. place the URL above . And click Add.

If you want to add more gadget, go to Click Add Stuff then search your desire gadget like Yahoo Messenger. Get xml URL from the search result. And add to your gadget list in gmail setting.


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