How to Choose a Blogging Platform

As someone who loves to constantly create new blogs and never follow through on them, I’m not an expert on how to grow/monetize a blog.  However, due to my deficiencies, I have had alot of experience in choosing different blogging platforms, customizing blogs, etc.  Therefore, it’s sufficient to say that although I can’t explain how to profit from a blog, I do know the different features of Blogger and WordPress quite well.

So which one is best for you?

First, there is no proverbial “best” blogging platform.

Although I believe Blogger has more blogs than WordPress, this is not from one being better than the other.  In fact, the main reason Blogger has more blogs is probably because Google (the corporation that runs Blogger) allows bloggers to add Google Adsense in order to make money.  This isn’t to say that anyone will makle money on their blogs.  In fact, I’m pretty sure 99.5% of bloggers have never made money off their blogs.

Second, each blogging platform has different features.

Blogger –


(1) Easy to make an account.

(2) Easy to set up or just start writing.

(3) Ability to add Google Adsense and other code (affiliate links, amazon, ebay) for profit-making.

(4) Ability to configure your blog through html/javascript.


(1) Less templates to choose from than WordPress.

(2) Less user-friendly.

(3) Not a real, viable way to make money unless you have great content and a lot of time.

(4) Not the default platform for domains.

WordPress –


(1) Very very user-friendly.

(2) Many templates to choose from.

(3) Google Analytics are already embedded within the WordPress platform.

(4) Easy to track traffic and many available statistics.

(5) A lot of widgets to add.


(1) No way to put ads onto blog without extensive knowledge of applicable languages.

(2) Requires knowledge of CSS stylesheets in addition to html/javascript.

(3) Hard to add content that is not already “widgetized” by someone else.

(4) Did I mention…no way to make money off a blog?

Typepad –

Pros: Probably easy to set up and customize.

Cons: Need to pay a monthly fee to keep it up…hence the reason I’ve never tried it.


In conclusion, there is no best blogging platform.  I personally would recommend WordPress because it is so much easier to use and set up, but Blogger is not that much harder to do.  However, if you have dreams of monetizing your blog even just a little bit, then Blogger is the platform to go with (possibly Typepad as well).

Here are links to all 3 platforms and happy blogging!




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