Boost Your Bukisa Aticle Page Views With Proper Keyword Optimization

It is not enough to wite just a good bukisa article. Ifyou want to get a lot of exposure in the form of page views and a higher search engine ranking then you will need to properly keyword optimize your article. Follow these steps to increase your bukisa article exposure.

Start with the title of your bukisa article. Let us say that your article is “How to find car insurance online”. The bulk keywords that you will want tom use in your article would be; find,car,insurance,online. When writing your bukia article, try to putat least one of the main bulk keywords in at last every step or every other sentence.

Next, As stated above, try to put at the ulk keywords in each step or in every other sentence. This can be done without losing the quality of the article.

By keeping more othe bukisa article keywords throughout the article, you will more exposure because the search engines will be able to find your bukisa article easierand rank it easier. A you will get a higher search engine ranking because of the well keyword optimized article. The better the article is keyword optimized, the higher your search engine ranking will be.

Lastly, when you get to the keyword section of your bukisa article on the article publishing page, fill it in with matching and related keywords. You can find the best matching and related keywords by using the google keyword generator at

Put your bukisa article into the google keyword generator and hit search. The keyword generator will return hundreds of matching and related keywords to use

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