Why You Need Writing Skills to Succeed Online

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We are told how easy it is to promote other people’s products by simply grabbing some affiliate links and by sending traffic to the merchant’s site. But how do we send traffic to our affiliate site? How do we promote those links?

We are not told that most marketing strategies require a minimum of writing skills. Although you don’t need to be a professional writer, but you can’t really succeed without writing something somewhere. You can’t escape it! Nearly everything you communicate to your visitors is accomplished with words. To effectively promote any product, you need to write some content using your own words.

Let’s take a look at the most popular marketing strategies:

  • Blogging requires that you share your thoughts of the day, you can write a review or a recommendation for the product that you’re promoting.
  • Posting in forums: sharing your expertise or just giving your 2 cents. Each thread is unique so no copy-paste possible or you’ll be accused of spamming.
  • Posting online classified ads: you’d be coming up with a few catchy phrases to get people to click your affiliate link (although some affiliate programs provide pre-written ads).
  • Email marketing: whether it’s a one-time email or a series of emails, you’ll need to compose the email messages.
  • Article marketing: for copywriting reasons, you can’t take someone else’s content and submit it as an article written by you. So you will need to be creative and write your own article.
  • Owning a website: you can publish content and information related to the product you’re promoting. This content can be written by you or you can borrow some articles. But the best is to write your own so that you build a relationship with your visitor and create a more personal bond.
  • Newsletter: keep on providing great information and updates through your newsletter and you’ll maintain a long-term relationship with your subscribers
  • And many more

Even Pay-per-click requires that you write a few lines! There are many other ways to bring traffic to your affiliate site that don’t require any writing skills. For example, posting your affiliate links as a featured ad on a site, using traffic exchanges or buying banners impressions. Those marketing methods may not be effective as the audience may not be interested in your product. By communicating with them prior to sending them to the product’s page, you are preselling. Your conversion rate will be higher because your prospects are open to the idea of buying before seeing the product. This contact is so much warmer than a plain cold featured ad or banner on a website shown among other information.

This lack of writing skills may be the main reason why so many affiliates fail. Writing takes effort, concentration, and creativity. Not everyone enjoys writing but everyone wants to earn money online the easiest way possible! So if you are truly serious about earning an income online, start writing!


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