How to Really Work From Home

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So you want to work from home ? Well first you really need to take a serious, and truthful look at your talents and abilities. If you can’t spell or use a spell checker, than working from home in the writing industry is probably not your best choice. Where do your talents lie? What can you do better than the next guy or girl? Make a personal list and be real with yourself. If you have an outside job, don’t quit to work at home just because you think you MIGHT have the “it” thing people will pay for.

thwriting_Thumb.jpg Search online job sites and sign up for email notification, see what’s out there before diving in. Can you type? Check you local for people looking to find dependable workers that won’t price gouge them. You can always find someone who may need typing services, resume writing, research articles, essay writing, or simply writing help.

Do a simple Google search. Maybe you are a better with people on the phone? Telemarketing is not the most glamorous job, but these days there are places you can find that will allow you to do it from your couch! There is also customer service , surveys (a lot of time for a little money), etc. Some of these might require some previous experience or a training session or two. Working at home is not easy and does take time, but you would be surprised what you find when you learn what to look for. It doesn’t happen overnight, or even in a few months unless you are an expert in Adsense and SEO, but it can happen.


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