How to get a double laser kill in Halo 3

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For some people, the double laser kill is one of the hardest achievment to get in Halo 3, but if you follow a few key strategies and actions, it hopefully should not be as hard as you can imagine.  Lets examine the problem.  Lasers are only on a handful of the maps.  To make it even harder to get a laser on a map, the maps that do infact have lasers, do not have them on all game variants for the map!  Yet another usual problem is the rarity of getting a laser.  You usually have to get to it on the map first, and sometimes are betrayed by losers who play the game that can only play with super weapons.  Even if you get the laser tho, you still have to both find two enemies within range to get them both, and charge before your teamates kill them.  Using these rules we can come up with a set of conditions to look for.

First, we have to decide what form of matchmaking will increase our chances.  The answer to this questions is Lone Wolfs.  This has people that actually want to play, no guests, and no chance of your teamates killing your targets (course other enemies could pick your targets off, but that is somethign we have to deal with).

Next, the map.  Many people may not think my choice is the best, however I think the easiest map to get a double kill in lone wolfs, is Snowbound.  Its tight tunnels and shield walls allow goot places to nail two unsuspecting victims.  When the game starts, and you are near the laser spawn, go for it.  If someone gets there first, take them out and take the laser.  If you do not get it, don’t worry, just wait patiently for it to respawn.  If you got it from the beginning, then find a place to lay low for awhile because players could be expecting it, also you have to allow the other nieve players to get pulled into the insuing battle.  After a few minutes, go to where the shotgun spawns, with a good backup weapon, and wait for your opportunity into the right or left tunnel.  It may take a couple rounds, but you will eventually get it this way.  I have gotten countless.  Any suggestions of how you got yours better, please comment 🙂


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