How to Shop Online & Use Your Credit Card for Purchases Virtually

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The combination of technology, E-commerce and customers demanding convenience has created the awesome virtual shopping world that makes it possible to shop for anything in just a matter of a few moments.

Just find what you want to by from any merchants website, enter your credit cards number; let them process it through and viola! you have your purchase and it is automatically delivered to your email or your door. 

There is always a risk with virtual shopping, which includes credit card theft and fraud.  Have you ever heard of anti-spyware software?  Well, this software is used to prevent hackers and spysters from stealing your credit card data when you are virtually shopping.  Without it, people can gain access to record the keystrokes entered and capture screenshots of your personal information entered online.

Another risk is that the merchant themselves take your money and never deliver on the goods or services purchased.  These are fraudulent websites and could even use your credit card information for other fraudulent reasons.

It is important that you check out the websites that you decide to spend your money with before making purchases to verify that they are reputable and dependable.  Have you ever heard of them?  Did you go to their website directly or did they send you an email?  It is never wise to go to a website from an unsolicited email, even if it looks legit. 

Verisign shows that a website can be trusted because of the extensive encryption process that Verisign goes through to verify that your credit card information does not get stolen along the transmission process.  Their logo is a checkmark that is inside a circle and millions of merchants everywhere use them to ensure their customers financial safety.

When virtually shopping, it is easy, effective and done by millions of people everywhere- just do it safely so you are not the victim of any Internet fraud or credit card identity theft.


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