Bobbi Brown made me love eyeliner again..

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So around a month ago now, me and my best friend had an amazing makeover courtesy of the lovely Bobbi Brown, and I had all my foundation, blusher, and bronzer on, and then it was time for my eyes. I really hate my eyes, my right eye was damaged when I was 11, and I’m now blind in it, and I’m extremely self-conscious about it, so I tend not to wear eyeliner, as it draws to much attention to my eyes. But the nice woman doing my makeover, insisted on doing my eyes (Oh, how well she did them in the end..) so she used Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, and I ended up buying it. One of the best purchases of June.

The woman who did my makeover, obviously knew how to do apply all the make-up very well, but I personally find it really difficult to apply make-up to my eyes, I’m so worried I’ll get it in my eyes! But I was told to use a fine brush, like an eyeliner brush, or trim a make-up brush finer. So then you get only a small amount on the brush and smooth over, very closely to the eye, depending on your personal tastes. And after trying this with my eyeliner brush, I found it very easy to apply, which I was surprised about, and the Gel Eyeliner does go a long way, when it’s all smoothed out. But only put on a little bit, otherwise it’ll get all clumpy and may cause serious panda eyes.

When I finished applying, the Gel Eyeliner looked amazing, even after my first time using it, it looked abit dodgy after my first attempt, but have got better. Well the Gel Eyeliner looked smooth, and thin, as that’s how I personally like it. Also the colour I chose was perfect for me, pure black, and the colour was really great, but I always thought Bobbi Brown does brilliant colours in my opinion. As far as I’m aware, there are around 15/20 colours of the Gel Eyeliner. Now after a day out shopping, and a night in the clubs, my eyeliner was still pretty much in tack, which was great, so you don’t need to keep re-applying like you do with Eyeliner pencils and the liquid Eyeliner, which is hardly long lasting in my opinion.


Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner is priced at 13 pounds, and is available from Bobbi Brown cosmetic counters, and also online at their UK or USA website.


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