Yu-Gi-Oh ForbiddenMemories walkthrough

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After you create your account get past the scene.Say yes to Simon to duel.In this duel just put out strong atks and try to fuse some things to get the hang of the game.After the duel you need to go to the card shop and check your cards in the deck and if you don’t have a Raigeki,restart the game to try to get a Raigeki.When you get a deck that has that card you are ready to get started.Now go to the card shop and go to return to title,then go to free duel and duel Simon until you have 80 star chips.When you have 80 star chips go to password and type in 94773007 for the card Jirai Gumo.Now go to the dueling grounds and duel Teana,Villager 1, Villager 2, and Villager 3.After you do this, walk out side and the a cut scene were you go to a festaval and see Seto and Jono dueling.Once you get done with talking go to the duel grounds and face Jono. After the duel you will then have to duel Seto.To beat this guy you just can not let him fuse.After the duel there will be some talking.Once you are out of there go to the Pharaoh’s Palace.Then you will see a scene.Get through all the talking and get to were you duel Heishin.There is no way of getting around this and you have to lose.there will be a scene after you have dueled and you have to break the millennium item. After all the scenes are done go to free duel and get some cards.Once you have gotten some good cards you can go back to campaign and duel Rex Raptor.This duel can be hard since he can put out monsters with 1600 atk.On this duel just try to keep monsters with high atks out that have 1000 or more atk.I would suggest trying to fuse monsters with 1600 or even better 2000 atks.After the duel go duel Rex 50 times or until you get a bunch of cards with atks over 1000.Once you have done that you can go and duel Weevil Underwood.This duel is a lot harder than the others.In this duel you have to be carefull becouse he puts out like 1000 atks up without fusing and when he fuses he can make 1900 or higher so be on guard.He also has the card Jirai Gumo.To beat him fuse a good monster and try to put monsters with 1000 atks or higher out.Really make sure they are higher than 1000,more like 1500.If you lost the duel then go back to free duel and learn some fusions.Your next duel is against Mai Valentine.This duel is hard becouse she puts out 1600-2000 atks and defs.Try to fuse things in the 1800 atk or higher.Try to keep 1800 atks or higher on the field.Now its time to duel Bandit Keith.His monsters have atks of around 1800 up you just have to do the same thing that you did on Mai.Now go on and duel Shadi.This guy can put out 1800 and higher but all you have to do is put out an 1800 or higher.Once you have beaten Shadi go back to free duel and get some dragons from Rex and some little electrics like electric snake.Now that you have a fusion with 2800 atk your duels should be a lot easier.Go back to campaign and duel Yami Bakura.He puts out 2000 atks and 2000 to 3000 defs.If you did what I said and got some dragons and electrics then you can just fuse the 2800 and then the battle should be easy.If the battle was really hard for you then go to free duel to get some cards becouse this next duel is hard.Once you are ready go to campaign and duel Pegasus.Pegasus has strong monsters and magics and He manly puts out monsters with 2000 and up atks.He will also use equip cards to make them even stronger.He can use Megamorph witch increases the atk of a monster by 1000.His monsters have 2000 or more def and if the duel drags out he will put out a 3500 atk so watch out and try to win the duel fast.To beat him you need to get a twin-headed thunder dragon on the field and if you have any equip cards for him use them.Try to have monster on the field with atks of 2300 or higher and keep his monsters off the field so he won’t use magics.If you can do this you can win.After the duel go to free duel and duel Pegasus to get some cards and until you can beat him every time you duel him.Once you have done this go to campaign and duel Isis. She is weaker than Pegasus so just put out cards over 2000 and keep her monsters off the field to win.After that duel go duel Kaiba. He is not to hard.He will put out monsters with 2000 atks and defs but you should be carefull of his blue eyes white dragon that has a power of 3000.To beat his blue eyes use a raigeki(this is probably your only option if he puts it out).You need to get your 2800 out on the field fast and then just keep his monsters off the field.Now there will be a scene showing all the mallinium items and all the other stuff.Once you are out of the scenes and talking go to the pharaoh’s palace to duel Mage Soldier.This duel is really easy all you have to do is fuse a couple of monsters like your 2800 and you should win no problem.Now go to the old duel grounds and you will find Jono2. He will take you to the hiding card shop.When you get there duel Jono2 and Teana2.All you have to do is put  out your 2800.Now go to free duel and duel Jono2 until you get 3 red eyes.After you have done that go back to campaign and go to the king’s valley and talk to the guy there then go to the pharaoh’s palace and enter the place to search the room.When you do this you find a map to the forbidden ruins.Now go back to king’s valley and give the guy the map to go to the forbidden ruins.Once your at the forbidden ruins look at the map.When you do this a scene will start and you talk to Seto.Now after the scene is over you can leave this place and you can now go to the shrines and duel the mages.To start off go to the Meadow Shrine and duel the Meadow Mage.This battle is a little tough becouse every card he puts out is 2000 atk and up but his highest is 2700 that he always puts on sun so just get your 2800 out on pluto and you can beat all of his cards.To really hurt him put out a field besides sogen and that will decrease all his monsters to were his highest is a 2200.He will probably change the field back to sogen so just get a couple 2800 or a 2800 with some cards with 2300 or higher atks and then change the field so he will change it back and you can have a free round of attacking directly.When you defeat him go back to free duel and don’t duel High Mage Kepura.In free duel duel the Meadow Mage until you get 3 Meteor B. Dragons.This will take time becouse you have to duel him about 500 times to get 3 of them but its worth it since they have 3500 atk.Also if you have any Meteor Dragons put them in your deck so you can fuse the Meteor Dragon with Red Eyes and make a Meteor B. Dragon.When you have all those cards go back to campaign and go back to the meadow shrine and duel the Meadow Mage again.Now go on an duel the High Mage Kepura.This is a vary hard duel since he has a Gate Guardian witch has 3750 atk.This is easy to beat if you got Meteor B. Dragon.All you have to do is put your Meteor B. Dragon on sun since he always puts Gate Guardian on moon.You also need to change the field so Gate Guardian won’t get a boost or you can’t win with Meteor B. Dragon.He uses monsters with 2000 atks up and 3000 defs.If you can’t beat him and don’t have anything to equip to your Meteor B. Dragon then go to free duel and duel Jono for an equip magic.You don’t have to worry about it being the wrong one becouse he only gives you one equip magic card.Now that you have beaten him go to the Forest Shrine and duel the Forest Mage.This duel is a lot like the Meadow Mage duel.The guy has 2000 atks and up.You can just put out a 3500 and crush him.Once you are done with that duel say proceed and duel High Mage Anubisius.
In this duel you have to do two things.Number one is that you have to change the field and number two is that you have to have a Meteor B. Dragon with an equip card on it. You need to do this since he has Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth witchis a 4000 with the field. The rest of his cards are 2000 atks and up but if he gets a Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth out then it will be hard.Now go to the Mountain Shrine and duel.This guy is easy,he only has 2000 to 2600 besides Twin Headed Thunder Dragon witch has 3300 with the field.Although you have some Meteor B. Dragons that are 4000 with the field so you shouldn’t have any trouble beating him.Now proceed to High Mage Atenza.He manly has 2000 atks to 2600 but he also has a 3300 witch is Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon and a 3700 B. Skull Dragon.You just have to watch out for the 3300 and 3700 unless you have your 4000 out or 3500 that’s 4000 from the field on sun.Now that you have him in free duel go to free duel and duel him until you get 3 Twin-Headed Thunder Dragons.Once you have done this go to campaign an go to the duel grounds and Jono will tell you that Seto took Teana and you go into a shrine and meet the Labyrinth Mage.His strongest cards is Gate Guardian. His other monsters are 2000 to 2800 atks.This duel is easy if you get a Meteor B. Dragon out on sun.If you don’t and he gets a Gate Guardian out then hopefully you have a raigeki to kill it.He also has some 3000 defs.Now go right,right,left,right to get through the labyrinth.Now just follow the scene.After the scene you will duel Seto2.Seto2 has monsters with 2500-3000 atks and some 3000 defs.I think he may have some cards above 3000 so watch out and try to get a 3500 out and win quickly so he won’t have a chance to use a lot of cards or it will get hard to win the duel.After the duel go through the scene and then go to the Desert Shrine.When you get there start dueling the desert mage.This guy uses 2000 to 2700 atks and 2000 to 2800 defs.All you have to do is put out a monster that has 2800 atk or more and kill him.This next guy has 2000 to 2700 atks but he uses equip cards to increase them so be careful. He has 2000 to 3500 defs so watch out for them.To beat him you just need to get a 3500 out and change the field a few times.When you get out of that place go to the Sea Shrine and get your game on.This guy has monsters with 2000 to 3300 atks and 2000 to 2700 defs. To beat him you need to get out a 3500 and your Twin Headed Thunder Dragons and kill him.High Mage Secmeton is a guy that has 1800 to 3300 atks and 2000 t0 3000 defs.All you need to do is just get out your 3500 and Twin Headed Thunder DragonOnce you are done with High Mage Secmetons duel go to free duel and duel High Mage Martis for 3 Zoa and 3 Summon Skull. If you don’t have 3 Dark Magicians or Skull Knights then go to the Meadow Mage and get them.After that s-tec Mai until you get Spellbinding Circle,Invisible Wire,and Harpies Feather Duster. Then s-tec pegasus for some Bright Castles,Widespread Ruin,and Megamorph.When you have your deck go to campaign and go to the vast shrine and get past all the talking.After everything you will duel Sebek.This guy has monsters with 2000 to 3100 atk and 2000 to 3000 defs.He will use equip cards so watch out becouse they can become stronger than your 3500.Just keep killing his monsters so he dosn’t have time to use magic. He may also use a Gate Gaurdian sometimes so watch out.Right after the duel you have to duel Neku.This guy is pretty much the same as Sebek so you really just need to put some cards out with equip cards on them and start killing anything he puts out.Now you will have to fight Heishin2.
He is harder than the other two you just dueled. He uses monsters with atks of like 2500 to 3750 and defs of 3000.He is easy to beat just put a 3500 on sun and finish the duel fast before he uses his magics and traps.Now you will go on to duel Seto3.He has monsters with 2500 to 4500 atks.The only way to do this is get a Meteor B. Dragon with 3 equip cards or a Megamorph becouse he will most likely put a Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon out.. Once you get a Meteor B. Dragon with 5000 then start killing his monsters and him fast or he will use Raigeki on you and other magic and trap cards.After more talking you have to duel Darknite.This guy is easier than Seto3 but likes magics a little more.You just need to have a Meteor B. Dragon at 5000 atk and then kill every monster he puts out so he wont really use magic cards.He really dosn’t use Blue Eyes Ultimate but he uses Blue Eyes and equip cards but nothing a Meteor B. Dragon at 5000 cant kill.Now you have to duel Nitemare. He uses one Blue Eyes Ultimate so be on guard.You just need to save a meteor b dragon and a Megamorph in your hand.If you keep his monsters off the field then you should be fine.

You have beaten the game.


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