Your Family History: Those who Have Gone Before You

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Have you ever wondered who you are related to who is dead and famous? Have you wondered what your great great great grandmother was like? Does the past fascinate you? Then family history research is right for you. The purpose of family history as well as any form of history is to know what the culture was. People also are curious of what the people were like back in the day. My grandmother, when moving, found a box of old family photos and journals from the early nineteenth century and even later. She had had this information for a long time, and now we own it. The coolest photo is a father and his son together in front of their house. It was dated in the mid to late nineteenth century. The small child was sitting on his horse. This was really amazing. I saw my ancestors and that meant a lot to see that. Many journal entries were found as well. I saw my grandmother in the 50’s with my grandfather by her side. She was a very beautiful woman. My grandfather was handsome as well. Living relatives are great because they are able to tell you stories about their lives, even if it is a tad exaggerated. My grandfather saw me cleaning with a toothbrush and he said that’s the best way to clean. He knew this because he served in the military, which is very strict in that way. At one point, I wanted to be in the military because I was impressed that he was a veteran. My grandmother on my mother’s side, came across a boat from Germany to the United States when she was fourteen years old. Her first word was “mountain”.  To know of all these little experiences has given me the desire to know more of my family’s history.

It is just as important to learn of events such as the Great Depression, and the Revolutionary War so we can be sure events are not as harsh or so they don’t occur twice. Like my friend told me, “If you don’t know your past, you don’t know the future”. We should learn about our family’s and country’s history so we may know what it means to carry the family name or your nationality. Know history prevents us from repeating old mistakes, and keeps us aware of the bad things in life.


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