Book Review: Terri Blackstock’s Reformation Series Makes Readers Think

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How would our lives change if there were no working cell phones, televisions, cars, or electric appliances?

The idea is explored in Terri Blackstock’s Restoration Series, beginning with Last Light(October 2005) followed by Night Light(July 2006).The third installment in the series – True Light was released in July 2007 followed by the fourth book, Dawn’s Light released in May 2008.

Last Lightbegins with father and daughter, Doug and Deni Branning, getting off of an airplane at an Atlanta airport. After they exit the plane they are witness to a horrific event: An airplane literally drops from the sky in front of their eyes.

From that moment on, the suspense and action are tight and gripping.

The Brannings discover their cell phones no longer work and their cars won’t start. They encounter hundreds of other stranded people scratching their heads and wondering what has happened.

Has there been a terrorist attack on the United States or something much worse?

No one knows, but all begin to make their way to their homes to find out. Doug and Deni manage to walk to a local store and are able to buy two bicycles – only to be physically assaulted outside the store as a man steals one of their bikes.

As the Branning family – including Mom Kay and younger sons – 16-year-old Jeff and nine-year-old Logan – and 12-year-old daughter Beth – manages to reunite at their suburban home – they begin to realize something terrible has happened – they’re just not sure what, exactly.

Nothing that has a motor, a computer or requires electricity works. Phones no longer work, mail service stops, and the Brannings and their neighbors are terrified by the turn of events.

Has the outage affected the rest of the country, or only their area?

Eventually, they discover the outage is worldwide and life as they once knew it is over – possibly forever.

The Brannings are forced to learn to wash their clothes in a nearby lake, eat whatever is available, cook over a fire – and depend upon their neighbors (most of whom they had never met) and most of all God.

As the Brannings begin to realize the depth of change they are faced with, they also see it as a wake up call from God – a reminder that they must depend upon Him in all situations – good and bad.

The Brannings and their neighbors face many hardships, including a murderer and thief in the neighborhood, as well as simple survival.

Things that most people take for granted – trash disposal, trips to Wal-Mart, simple communication, transportation – become very important in the lives of the characters.

The neighborhood families must learn to be creative in their daily lives – a wheeled trash can becomes a means of transporting water from the lake, extra clothing becomes diapers for babies, trash becomes a gold mine of reusable items.

Through it all, the family and the neighborhood learn to work together to help each other despite adversity.

The obvious theme of the Blackstock series is preparation for such a disabling event, but the underlying theme is reliance and trust in a loving God Who controls the universe.

The Brannings wonder if society worldwide has become so focused on technology and pursuit of self, that God chose this point in time to remind people of Who is really in control of everything?

As the story unfold readers will be riveted to this page-turner and wonder the same thing.

There is no doubt, Blackstock’s Restoration Series will entertain readers as well as stir up contemplation and even conversation about their lives, attitudes, and future. The four books that make up The Restoration SeriesLast Light, Night Light, True Light and Dawn’s Light – force the reader to rethink their own lives and ask themselves what they and their family would do if faced with such a situation. The scenario is not as far fetched as some would think: Winter storms and other natural disasters bring weeks without power, food, water and other necessities for millions every year worldwide. Simple things such as a jug of purified drinking water or an apple become worth more than gold.


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