Pests and pest Control

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When you grow a plant or a crop in your garden at that time you are very excited and you feel like taking very good care of your plant but later after some days when you see your plants then you notice that it is being eaten or destroyed by a small insect like creature. I know when you see such a case how it feels so it is better that we prevent this from happening and get to know who all can harm and damage our plants and crops.

The most common of all garden pests are the grasshoppers that almost are present in unlimited number in each garden. There might also be some locusts which look exactly the same like a grasshopper but they can really be much more harmful then a grasshopper so you need to be very careful with those. The most common feature seen in a plant or a crop after is being attacked by a pest is that it might either be having holes or it might contain a few stippling which can cause harm to your plants or your crops.

Your plant leaves might be having a few holes sometimes and if that is the case then it means that you have a pest in your garden that is continuously eating and damaging your plants. We might be easily able to notice a few beetles or grasshoppers but sometimes the pests are not so big but instead they are as small as a micro-organism. Sometimes your pests might also be fungi which once catch hold of your plant then it becomes really very difficult to take them out of your plant. One of the most common diseases which might be caused by pests is blight. There can be really a number of small pests that will harm your plants but now here raises the question of removing and treating them.

The pests can also be very huge in sizes like for example moles and rabbits which can cause real amount of damage to your crops and plants. There are various methods by which you can control pests. There are basically natural and  chemical pesticides but natural pesticides are much better than the chemical ones as they are not only harmful to the plants but if you are using them on crops then they can also harm the crops and indirectly they will also harm you. You can use various types of natural pesticides to protect your plants and there are a few plants also which do not allow pests to come near them.

The bigger pests are easy to trap but the smaller ones cannot be trapped but instead they are needed to be treated with either a special pesticide which is only for the special kinds. So now if you have the danger of any pest then be  prepared and keep a few of those packets of natural pesticides so that even of any of the pests attack your plants then you will have the solution for that problem also.

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