Houseplant Care

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Houseplant means the growing of plants at your house and then ensuring the proper growth of those plants. All these things inclued factors like providing the soil with good amount of nutrients and giving the plant the right amount of water each day. To take proper care of your houseplants you need to give them give 3 things in proper quantity and on regular basis and they are sunlight, air and water.

Plants need to be given whatever they require so that they grow well. Every single different plant has got his own requirements and he needs to be given all those requirements. All houseplants must have a whole at the bottom of their container so that the drainage system is good and even if at any time you give them some extra water then they will be able to give off all the extra water. Many different plants have different requirements of sunlight and water so when you keep houseplants then you need to know their specifications. If you don’t know the proper content of water and sunlight required for a plant then the best way is to go to a nursery and ask them all those special requirements.

When you keep houseplants you will need to clean the plants as the dust which gets collected on the leaves of the plants can cause troubles for the plants in their growth. So you will need to clean them on your own at regular basis. Mostly plants which are selected to be grown as houseplants are adapted to the climate and temperature of 15 to 25 degree Celsius but if you have a plant which need higher or lower temperatures then you need to know about that and adjust the room temperature according to that. Some plants require high amounts of sunlight so it is better if you keep them near the window which gets around 4 to 5 hours of sunlight each day. House plants need special care as they are kept inside the house and you will always need to check them.

Humidity indoors is always low so you need to take special care of those plants which get affected by humidity. If you keep a number of houseplants together then for sure the humidity will be quite high. So in that case you will need to give them little extra water. The water requirements of the plants are affected by various factors. If there are many plants kept in the same container then for sure you will need to provide the plants with a high quantity of water. Even the light which is taken by the plant affects its water requirements. There are few plants which rarely need any water to grow.

As a houseplant keeper you need to be very alert for your plants and you also need to be very responsible for them. Be sure to take good care of all their requirements as a good houseplant keeper. With power you will also get responsibility and that is the best line which will apply for a houseplant keeper.

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