Container Herbs

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If you are thinking of growing container herbs then I will recommend you that you must not use the same soil which is present in the gardens. It is not suitable for them and amazingly even the most nutrient rich garden soil might not be good for container herbs. The reason behind this is that the garden soil usually has many bacteria’s and other harmful micro-organisms which might be harmful for the herb.

One more reason is that container herbs have roots which need space and when you plant them in garden soil then they will not be able to get the required space and they might also die due to suffocation. So it can be a dangerous thing to plant them in garden soil. The container herbs are very high water consuming plants and they need lots of water so they must be given lots of water. You will be needed to check the soil if it can hold water or not so that the herb can get all the water required for it to have.

The container herbs are a kind of herb which cannot live in a minimal space and so they require lots of space to live and that can only be done by digging a few holes beneath the surface where you have planted the plants as this will be very much helpful for the plant to breath and it will be also able to easily circulate water. If you are intending on growing herbs so that they can be eaten then the best month for that will be September which is going to be very easy. After you grow them then you can cut them by winter and then easily use them and then later you can grow more when the next season for growing more herbs starts.

There are some container herbs which are really a good choice for all those people who have disease in which they cannot consume too much salt like high blood pressure and if they consume these herbs then it will be very beneficial for them as it will be another option for salt. These herbs can be a really great source for nutritious and healthy food. These herbs can be very easily added on your food and they also have lots of healthy values in them. If you want to enjoy the herbs and their flavor at the best time then I will suggest that you take out your herbs from the soil in the morning time and then you can dry them as at that time of the day they really have lots of good flavor.

One preventive measure if you want to protect your herbs is that you will need to keep them away from direct sunlight as then the herbs get bleached which can destroy the container herbs. If you keep the dried herbs in a plastic or a glass container then they will last for at the most only 1 year, after that you will need to discard them. If you haven’t experienced a container herb then you must go now and experience some.

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