Cold Smoking

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Smoking is the process to add flavor and different colors to a food by using the smoke from burning of some natural materials like wood which don’t harm the natural taste or the flavor of food. Smoking may also be referred to the smoking which is used for the preservation of meat products.

But this smoking is different from that smoking and it is a cooking style whereas that is a food preservation method. Smoking usually uses wood and there are many types of different woods which are used in different countries for smoking for example the wood which is used for smoking in the Europe is usually oak but in America usually the wood of many trees like maple and cherry are used. In America a variety of wood is used for smoking and not only cherry or maple. Smoking is usually done for meat foods and fishes but sometimes smoking is also used for various cheeses and vegetables but that is very rare. Smoking is not only of one type but instead it is of 3 types and all 3 are very different from each other. It is of 3 types- hot smoking, roasting smoking and cold smoking. Here I will tell you mainly about cold smoking in which the main foods used are of pork, beef or chicken and also a few fishes like salmon.

Cold Smoking does not usually give the food result the way the food is wanted to be eaten but it mainly is done so that some flavor can be added to the food which is being smoked. After the cold smoking is done then the food maybe grilled, barbequed or cooked as the way it is normally done. When the food is cold smoked then it usually retains a very moist texture and the maximum temperature for cold smoking is 38 degree Celsius and it must not be more than that. Cold smoking must always be done in a very controlled manner.

As cold cooking doesn’t involving any heating or anything in which temperatures go extremely high or extremely low that is why the harmful micro-organisms present in the food do not get killed so it is not at all safe for someone to eat the food directly after cold smoking. So it must be either then heated or it must be hot smoked so that it can be safe for consumption and all the harmful micro-organisms get killed.

When hot smoking is done then we can consume the food directly and that is because then the food is heated and by then all the micro-organisms get killed. Cold smoking has now become a very popular method of adding flavor to the food without doing too much. Even though cold smoking is very popular but the other forms of smoking are more beneficial as they readily involve very high temperatures which causes all the harmful micro-organisms to get killed. I recommend cold smoking to all as it is a great method to add some good flavor in your food. It really makes the food tastier.

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