Heal Yourself with Creative Writing

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Using creative writing as a healing tool is a simple yet effective outlet for pent up emotion. Creative writing just as the name suggest is creative. Turning woes and trauma into happy, laughable times is simple within the non-existent confines of creative writing. It’s easy to find an outlet for your emotions when you allow creativity to take over. There are no boundaries so you can manage to do anything that you set your mind to.

The possibilities of what you can accomplish though creative writing are endless. Anything you can imagine can be turned into an effective outlet to change reality when writing. The things that you want can all become a reality when you let your imagination run away with you. Whether goals or dreams you can meet them all with the freedom that creative writing allows.

The childhood you wish you had and the future you imagined instead of the reality you experienced can all be created through you imagination and put down onto paper. The writing process is fun and lets you close out the world should you get involved deeply enough into it. As a child you were often told you were too small to do things; when you write creatively you can be that same child with the abilities to do all the things you were often told that you couldn’t do.

Changing your name to one that you think suites you and makes you smile as it crosses you lips can make your mood improve drastically. Something as simple as changing your name can give you the freedom to be anyone, anywhere, doing things that you have never dreamed possible before. A made-up journal of your adventures can give you a sense of accomplishment. In a fictional journal the events come through your eyes as you would have liked to see them evolve.

Day by day you can put an entry in to change the reality that you went through. The facts can be kept straight in a separate journal. Ideas can come from the facts of your life. Working in an environment that lends itself to drama can make for some impressive writing portfolios. You might want to be sure and change a few names and add some creative details to make sure that no one sues you for slander.

Creative writing can relieve the stress of a long day. The end of the work day can leave you exhausted and hurt at not getting recognition you feel deserving of. Storming into the boss’s office is not a wise choice but putting those frustrations into a poem or fictional essay can make the clouds clear.

Just sitting down and letting all of your emotions and frustrations pour out onto the page is a great healing experience. All it requires to make it fiction is to change some names and dates. Rearrange the order the events happened in and you have a fictional scenario that you can mull over again and again.

Taking time for you is healing in itself; combining this with writing can be extra healing. When life seems to get the better of you creative writing gives an avenue to regain control. Control over life, situations and emotions that seems to be overwhelming at the time they occurred.

When going through a time of self-pity writing is useful in pulling out of it. Self-pity can stall your progress in this world; by taking pen and paper in hand and writing your heart out you have given yourself the tool to heal. Shrinks are expensive. So before spending your hard earned money on someone else to solve everything for you try creative writing.

Hopefully as you read this you will realize areas where you can sit down and begin to write. Now enjoy the healing you feel as you get the first words down on paper. It doesn’t matter if it’s written for an audience or just for you. It is your work and it is entirely up to you how you use it to heal.


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