Barbecue Sauce

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The barbeque sauce is a very unique and a different type of sauce which is very different from all others. The name of the sauce suggests that it is used only for barbeque foods but that is not true instead it can be used for almost any food whether it is grilled or boiled.

This sauce can sometimes be very thick and sometimes it can be very thin. Usually it is used for chicken and pork but sometimes it might also be used for beef. There is no specification about how the barbeque sauce has to be and it can be spicy, sweet or maybe salty. Different people from different countries usually make different types of sauces that have really different tastes from each other. The amazing thing about it is that it has no roots and there are many people who cannot even trace its origin and they cannot even tell that from where it was first made.

Different people call the barbeque sauce from different names for example in South America it is called as “chimi-churi”. There can be an unlimited number of recipes for a barbeque sauce as different people like different kinds of sauces. Some countries have the barbeque sauce just as the tomato sauce mixed with a few other ingredients and that gives a completely different tastes and it is called the barbeque sauce of that country. The most famous barbeque sauce brand which is available in the market is called as “hunt’s” barbeque sauce which is consumed by the most number of people in the world.

The only country which has different special ingredients in each or its barbeque sauce for each of its state is USA and it has many varieties of barbeque sauce which has many different ingredients that are different from state to state. At the present the most famous of them is- Memphis, Kansan city, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi. In Asia the barbeque sauce is still not that famous and it is still seen in only a few of the countries like China, Japan and India.

The all have a different kind of barbeque sauce. There is an Indian chicken barbeque dish which has a special barbeque sauce which is usually green in color and it contains curd or yoghurt which is mixed with mint and different spices which have a very tangy flavor and if that barbeque chicken is eaten with that sauce then it makes the taste even better.

The traditional Japanese barbeque sauce is a sweet soy sauce and it is also very tasty. The main aim of a barbeque sauce is to increase the taste of the food which is eaten with the sauce and usually if the sauce is taken individually then it is not as tasty as compared when it is taken with a dish. All different barbeque sauces have different ingredients and all have their own uniqueness which is good in their own way. I will recommend you to try a barbeque sauce if you haven’t tried one and I am sure you will love it.

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